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Who is crosshair based off of

Who is crosshair based off of?

Matt and Brent worked with Dave to flesh out the characters and their story where Crosshair was based on Clint Eastwood, like a Clone version of Cad Bane. Crosshair was to appear in a four episode arc written by Michnovetz which starred the Bad Batch which now included “Echo,” alongside Yoda on Kashyyyk.

Is crosshair from Bad Batch evil?

Theory 3: Crosshair stays evil and his inhibitor chip remains unremoved. This one is basically a continuation of the status quo as set by the pilot. Essentially, he continues hunting the Bad Batch, while the Bad Batch continue evading him while simultaneously hoping to bring him back to the good side eventually.

Does crosshair redeem himself?

Despite his genuine loyalty to the Empire, Crosshair still cares about his fellow Bad Batch members. Crosshair’s internal conflict over serving the Empire and supporting his former squadmates makes his brief redemption and future in the next season of The Bad Batch complicated.

Does crosshair stay bad?

The two-part first season finale of Star Wars: The Bad Batch tragically reveals that Crosshair, formerly Clone Force 99’s sniper, willfully chose to side with the Galactic Empire, and ends with the clone staying on Kamino while his brothers escape.

Is crosshair a death trooper?

Near the end of the first episode of The Bad Batch a surprise reveal suggests that former Clone Force 99 member Crosshair is the first-ever death trooper. This comes after an entire episode teasing that Crosshair would defect from his clone brothers and become loyal to the newly formed Galactic Empire.

What is crosshairs sniper?

A member of the special unit Clone Force 99, also called the Bad Batch, Crosshair once served as the team sniper whose sharp vision gives him superior accuracy and, as a result, an air of superiority.

Why did crosshair betray the Bad Batch?

As the team pleaded for Crosshair to join their side again, telling him that his inhibitor chip was responsible for his actions, Crosshair proved them wrong. He had his inhibitor chip removed already, so his commitment to the Empire was all him.

Is Omega Force Sensitive?

Omega is Force-sensitive but her force powers are suppressed by her inhibitor chip.

When did crosshair lose his chip?

Spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode 15, “Finale Part 1.” Part one of the season finale of Star Wars: The Bad Batch has revealed that Clone Force 99’s former sniper known as Crosshair is no longer under the influence of his inhibitor chip.

Why did crosshair save Omega?

After Omega thanked him for saving AZI, Crosshair told her, “Consider us even.” In other words, he saved Omega and the droid as a favor because they had saved him, not because he cared for them. So, after all of that, Crosshair will remain with the Empire moving forward.

Will crosshair get a redemption arc?

Many fans of Star Wars: The Bad Batch want to see Crosshair redeemed in Season 2, but it’s too early for the character to get his redemption arc yet.

Does Echo betray the Republic?

Echo showed considerable resolve and remained loyal to the Republic even following his Separatist capture. After being left for dead on the Citadel, he had been experimented on and forced to use his mind to aid the Separatist Alliance’s military efforts.

Why does crosshair look older?

It’s also possible that Crosshair’s older appearance is simply a result of his own unique mutation. The Jango Fett clones were all modified to age quicker than regular humans to expedite their production.

How tall is the Bad Batch?

We first have Hunter, a clone commander sergeant of the Clone Force 99 or otherwise known as The Bad Batch. He’s the leader of the pack and stands at 5 feet 11 inches in height. He is 6 feet 4 inches tall.

Can crosshair be saved?

However, while Crosshair has been positioned to be the series’ primary antagonist, there’s a chance he can still be saved. Star Wars: The Clone Wars reveals the reason the Clones so easily turned on the Jedi was because of inhibitor chips implanted in each and every one of them.

Is crosshair in rogue one?

At first glance, it doesn’t add up: Crosshair would be way too old for Rogue One, which happens literally in the same year as A New Hope.

Does crosshair still have his chip?

The Bad Batch creators confirm that Crosshair did have his inhibitor chip removed and that we can figure out when. In the penultimate episode of The Bad Batch’s first season, Crosshair made a rather stunning reveal: his inhibitor chip was removed.

Is cross hair in rebels?

Rebels and Clone Wars are beloved parts of the animated Star Wars canon in large part due to characters like Crosshair. However, in a recent trailer released for the series, Crosshair went to the wayside quite quickly.

What type of trooper is Crosshair?

Crosshair, born CT-9904 and likely also referred to as RC-9904, was a clone commando part of the a Clone commando squad known as Clone Force 99, with genetic modifications. He was the sniper of the unit. He was rather rude to normal clones, including how he addressed them.

Why is it called Crosshair?

Binoculars, telescopes, and microscopes all use the same kind of device for focusing as the crosshairs of a rifle or gun. The word crosshairs simply comes from the two lines that intersect in the shape of a cross.

Why did the Empire stop using clones?

The Empire Stopped Using Clone Troopers After Order 66

In theory, the Clone Army should have been perfect for Palpatine’s purposes. He had successfully established the Empire, but he was well aware there would be resistance.

Who is Omega bad batch?

In their first adventure, the Batch meet a Kaminoan “medical assistant,” a young blond human clone named Omega, voiced by Michelle Ang. SCENE STEALERS is a countdown that salutes the unforgettable small-screen characters of the year. Omega is #15. In the vast lore of Star Wars, children are unheard of on Kamino.

Who was the person at the end of bad batch?

The final scene of the Bad Batch episode 16 takes place on an Imperial base. The Kaminoan scientist Nala Se is brought in following her capture.

What is Omega’s power Star Wars?

Omega does appear to learn new skills and grow in strength astoundingly quickly, however, as shown with her blaster and energy bow use. Omega’s gradually increasing strength and skill in combat is part of what makes her and numerous other Star Wars protagonists compelling characters.

How is omega an unaltered clone?

Even though Omega’s a clone born on Kamino like the rest of the clone army, it’s explained that she’s the result of a genetic mutation even more extreme than the ones displayed by the members of the Bad Batch. For one thing, she’s a girl while the rest of the clones are all male.

What can Omega do in The Bad Batch?

Many theories point to Omega being Force-sensitive. Her skill targeting a weapon in the premiere episode of the Star Wars animation, and more recently her ability to win every opponent at a game of dejarik, suggests there may be more than meets the eye with this honorary “Bad Batch” member.

Did the order 66 affect the crosshair?

It’s part of “Good soldiers follow orders,” the phrase Crosshair repeats to himself after Order 66 is initiated. Considering Crosshair’s brutal actions as the later leader of the Elite Squad, this is not a good sign for Wrecker. Fans watching closely could have seen this twist coming a few episodes back.

Which clones removed their inhibitor chip?

At some point, Jarrus found out about the existence of the inhibitor chips. Eventually, he and the other members of the Spectres were sent to Seelos by Ahsoka Tano to recruit Captain Rex, who had been living on the remote planet with fellow clones Wolffe and Gregor, who had also had their chips removed.

How strong is wrecker Star Wars?

Wrecker’s unit, known as Clone Force 99 and nicknamed the “Bad Batch,” was comprised of “defective” clones with desirable genetic mutations. In Wrecker’s case, his mutations granted him incredible superhuman strength, strong enough to lift a wrecked LAAT gunship away to recover a wounded comrade trapped underneath.

Was Rex An ARC trooper?

Trooper Echo dies in the blast. The escapees then flee to the caves and call for rescue from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

Is Echo a cyborg?

When Echo was severely injured on Lola Sayu, He was transformed into a Cyborg by the Separatists; his left arm had cybernetics.

Why do crosshair and tech look different?

Through genetic manipulation, the team of five members was created with “desirable mutations” that make them different from all the others. The mutations also gave them unique, individual appearances, hence why they don’t look like the rest of the clones — and why they don’t look like each other either.

Why does tech look so different?

Due to his genetic mutations, he appeared leaner, fairer, and younger than his fellow clone troopers.

Why is clone 99 so old?

99 was deemed unfit for service in the Grand Army of the Republic because of his limited physical abilities and overly rapid aging and was assigned to perform janitorial duties in Kamino’s cloning facilities, such as transporting blasters.

How many Jedi survived Order 66?

Known survivors. It was said that fewer than one hundred Jedi—approximately one percent of the entire Order—survived Order 66.

Is Clone Force 99 commandos?

Clone Force 99, unofficially known as the “Bad Batch” and designated as Experimental Unit Clone Force 99, was a clone commando special forces squad that was active during the Clone Wars.

Are the Death Troopers clones?

Current Star Wars canon claims that most of the stormtroopers in the classic era were conscripts or recruits, but that there were still some clones around. If this flashback takes place as long as 15 years before the events of the new movie, then the Death Troopers are almost definitely clones.

What rifle does Crosshair use?

The preferred weapon of Clone Force 99 sniper Crosshair, even a standard-issue 773 Firepuncher rifle in the hands of regular clone trooper makes for a powerful tool in the fight against the Separatists.

What is reticle focus?

A reticle is the crosshair or aiming point in your field of view in a riflescope. To use a rifle scope reticle properly you must first focus it for your eye. Point your properly mounted rifle scope at the sky or a blank wall with the scope at its highest power. The eyepiece is adjustable on almost all rifle scopes.