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Who is Batman robot

Who is Batman robot?

The Bat-Robots are a squad of robot soldiers created by and in the likeness of Batman to patrol Gotham City when he was away on call. They are the successors to the Proto Bat-Bot, run on a nano-synthetic operating system, and have a variety of offenses at their disposal.

Does Batman have a robot?

Batman has employed a fair number of robots over the years to assist his vigilance over Gotham City.

How much is a Batman robot?

At Alfred’s request, Batman installed the T-Rex in the cave as a tribute to all of the good which Batman did do for the people of Gotham. When Hush invaded the Batcave, Batman activated the T-Rex to attack him.

How did Batman get at Rex?

This theme park should not be confused with the better-known Dinosaur Island. After defeating Hart’s mechanical contraptions, Batman was given the mechanical dinosaur as a memento of this adventure and he placed it along the rest of souvenirs from Batman’s early cases, in a place called The Trophy Room.

Why does Batman have a giant penny?

The Giant Penny was later used as a jamming signal disruptor during the week in which Batman wasn’t allowed to set foot in Gotham City and he started operating from a flying batcave. The Penny was stored in the small trophy room of the flying batcave and it proved useful in their crime fighting from the air.

Is there a Batman transformer?

Batman’s Batmobile has been made into a Transformer by one skilled fan. Uncle Liang is known as The Recycle Modeller and he decided that the world needed to see what the iconic vehicle would look like as a robot.

How many different Batman universes are there?

These depictions are set outside of the 52 canonical universes in the DC continuity.

How do you use Batbot Xtreme?

The Giant Penny is a staple of the batcave which is one of Batman’s many trophies. It is a gigantic decorative penny with the head of Abraham Lincoln on it and which weighs 216 lbs. The penny’s head-side says, “In God we Trust”, “Liberty”, and the year 1947.

What’s in Batman’s cave?

The cave’s centerpiece is a supercomputer whose specs are on par with any of those used by leading national security agencies; it permits global surveillance and also connects to a massive information network as well as storing vast amounts of information, both on Batman’s foes and his allies.

Why does Batman have a cape?

Grayson explained that Batman’s flowing cape was intended to draw attention and hide his body when moving, making it hard to know where to shoot or strike. The idea is that enemies will shoot or punch at the cape and avoid Batman’s body. Even Batman’s cape is carefully chosen for defense.

Why does Batman have a giant Joker card?

As a reminder of this element of Joker’s psyche and capabilities, Bruce had a giant replica of the playing card built and installed in the Batcave.

Why does Batman keep trophies?

Because he’s an emotionally-driven man who respects the past, Batman maintains a Hall of Trophies that pays tribute to his successes, his failures and everything in between. The Batcave, where shards of his shattered spirit still remain, is equal parts man-cave and mausoleum.

How much does a giant penny cost?

The American large cent is worth at least $17 to $20 today. That is the minimum value of a coin in “good” condition, a heavily worn coin. Collectors pursuing these old and scarce coins underpin American large cent values.

What trophy from the Batcave first appeared in World’s Finest #30?

59) What trophy from the Batcave first appeared in World’s Finest #30? The giant penny in the Batcave is a trophy of Batman’s defeat of The Penny Plunderer who first appeared in World’s Finest #30.

Is there 2 versions of Batman?

Which one will join their fellow Batmen in the annals of DC history? The next two versions of Batman that will appear on the big screen are actually in the same movie as it has already been confirmed that both Ben Affleck’s Batman and Michael Keaton’s Batman will appear in the upcoming The Flash movie.

What is the darkest version of Batman?

The Batman Who Laughs (Bruce Wayne) is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. He is the evil counterpart and alternate version of Batman within the dark multiverse.

Who is the best Batman?

If Batbot begins to operate erratically, you may need to reset the electronics. Slide the power switch off and then back on again. Loosen the screw in the battery compartment door and remove the door. Insert two, new AAA (LR03) alkaline batteries.

Who is Penny cobblepot?

Penny Cobblepot is a fictional character featured in comic books published by DC Comics. She is associated with the Batman line of titles.

Who built Batman’s cave?

In “The Joining, Part One”, it is revealed that Lucius Fox helped the Batman in constructing the Batcave, and all of the Dark Knight’s other secret safehouses throughout Gotham.

How old is Batman?

Bruce Wayne is about 30 in The Batman

However, through that, Bruce finally realizes that he can affect Gotham as a symbol of hope rather than a symbol of vengeance. Thirty-year-old Bruce also noticeably is going through constant struggles of balancing his life as a superhero with his public persona.

Why did Batman choose bats?

While brooding in his study over how to be a more effective crime fighter, Bruce Wayne saw a bat come through his window. Reflecting that “criminals are a superstitious, cowardly lot,” Bruce adopts the persona of a bat in order to conceal his identity and strike fear into his adversaries.

Why does Batman wear a Batsuit?

Batman wears this costume both to conceal his identity and to frighten criminals. Most versions of the Batsuit incorporate some form of body armor, and often night-vision, gas filters, and other aids to combat effectiveness or protection.

Why was Batman’s costume blue?

Blue was used to create the impression of darkness without having to actually use fill colours. It was also used to highlight black areas where grey would look out of place.

How much is a liberty cent worth?

Today, a circulated 1857 Flying Eagle penny grading is worth around $30, and uncirculated pieces are worth around $225 and up. As with all Flying Eagle pennies in the higher grades, be sure to purchase as a certified and authenticated variety, since counterfeits of these early small cents are growing.

What is a 1793 US penny worth?

As of today, The Batman has been given an age rating of PG-13, meaning that audiences 13 years of age and older can watch this movie, however, they must do so with an older guardian.

Who will be the Joker in new Batman?

The Joker character is almost always a safe bet in live action films,’The Batman’ introduced the character in one of the final scenes of the movie but it was only a few moments alongside Paul Dano’s ‘Riddler’ character.

What was cut from The Batman?

Warner Bros. has released a deleted Joker scene from The Batman, hinting at an intriguing new role for the well-worn character. The scene is one of two featuring the Joker, but didn’t make the final cut of The Batman as Reeves believed the scene was repeating information and muddying the plot.

Who is the deadliest Batman?

3 The Batman Who Laughs

The Batman Who Laughs is arguably the most dangerous version of Bruce Wayne that has ever lived. After finally being pushed over the edge, Batman kills the Joker. However, in doing so, Bruce is exposed to a special form of gas that steadily transforms him into the Joker.

Who is the most violent Batman?

Red Hood is the most violent members of the Bat-family, a state of affairs stemming from his death at the hands of the Joker. Fans got their first glimpse of the returned Jason Todd as a villain in Batman: Under The Red Hood by writer Judd Winick and artists Doug Mahnke and Dustin Nguyen.

Does Batman have a dark side?

The Lex Luthor of Batman’s reality has taken the villains he’s supplied with and created horrific cloned versions. The alternate Metropolis is a crime-ridden city that is even worse than Gotham. Batman may have a dark side, but he does his best to stay on the side of the law while hurting as few people as he needs to.

Who was the best Joker?

Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight)

Not only has he become the definitive Joker – compared endlessly to new and old actors alike – but Ledger has more iconic scenes in The Dark Knight than most actors do in a career.

How long is Batman?

Buckle up. Matt Reeves’ new The Batman movie runs two hours and 55 minutes. The hefty running time includes about eight minutes of credits, insiders at Warner Bros.

Why is Batman the best?

Batman’s overwhelmingly complex sense of morality, combined with his transparent struggle to overcome his personal demons, makes him a far more unpredictable, and therefore exciting, superhero to watch. With a deeply troubled past and bleak view of the world, viewers never know what move he will make next.

How tall is Batman?

DC officially lists Batman as being 6 feet, 2 inches tall. The average height for an adult man is about 5’10,” making Batman taller than average. With the additional height of the costume’s hallmark pointy bat ears, Batman’s size could look pretty intimidating in a dark alley.

Was Danny DeVito the Penguin?

Danny DeVito played the Penguin in Tim Burton’s 1992 version of the superhero’s story “Batman Returns” and recently gave his opinion on the most recent take on the notorious villain.

How tall is the Penguin Batman?

The Penguin, portrayed by Danny DeVito in Batman Returns (1992), has a height of 4’10” (1.47 m). The Penguin, also known as Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, is a fictional villain and mobster in Batman Returns and the extended DC Comics universe.

How did Batman get the Batmobile?

Second Batmobile Some versions of the Earth-One Batmobile were designed and built for Batman by stunt driver Jack Edison, who Batman had rescued from a flaming car wreck.

Where is the Batcave in the Batman?

“The new Batcave is based on a secret underground railway that still exists in New York,” explained Reeves. “The idea being that some of these wealthy industrialist families had private train cars at the turn of the century. So, the Batcave is actually in the foundation of this tower.

What did Aquaman take from Batcave?

Since the film’s not accessible to me at the moment, I have only my memory to offer you, but he stole a tool similar to a Leatherman Super Tool 300, based on photos and video available since the movie released officially on Digital format. It was taken from the table with assorted gear on it.