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What type of mic is BM-800


What type of mic is BM-800?

The BM-800 provides a good, clear sound that is very well suited for spoken word recordings, though it also does an admirable job in other areas, such as singing and recording acoustic instruments.

Is BM-800 a condenser mic?

If you are looking for an inexpensive microphone, the BM-800 is a great choice. As it is a condenser microphone, it captures more detail and low volumes than your typical dynamic microphone.

Can we use BM-800 microphone on phone?

It works with smartphone but please do not expect best quality without Phantom power supply, the power is not enough while being used with Smartphone, the sound volume might be recorded very low. If better sound preferred, the sound card or phantom power supply will be needed.

Does BM800 need phantom power?

the BM800 is an electret condenser mic. The element in an electret mic carries a permanent electrical charge sealed within an insulating film. It does not require external phantom power. The 48v box you bought is not applicable to this mic.

How can I make my BM800 sound better?

It absolutely can fulfill the requirement of high-quality for broadcasting and recording. -Exceptionally low self-noise for highly critical studio recording. -It offers high sensitivity to capture subtle nuances that create high-quality audio.

How do I set up my BM-800?

Step 1: Open your control panel, and click on “sound”, a window pops up. Step 2: Select the recording, you will see the microphone is set up or on default. Step 3: Double click the microphone if it is already connected., and then setting your microphone properties.

Is bm800 MIC good for recording?

The BM-800 Condenser Microphone Mic is ideal for radio broadcasting studio, voice-over sound studio, voice recording. With a cardioid (uni-directional) pick-up pattern that isolates the main sound source and minimizes background noise, highlighting the performance.

Is the BM 800 a XLR mic?

ZINGYOU BM-800 Condenser Microphone, Cardioid Studio Recording Microphone with Shock Mount, XLR Cable.

How do you use bm800?

A condenser microphone is a microphone that’s built to pick up vocals and other delicate noises. They are also called capacitor microphones. A condenser microphone has increased sensitivity when recording peoples’ voices.

How do I connect my condenser microphone to my smartphone?

A condenser mic can be connected to a phone either via TRRS headphone jack or via charging port using a USB-C cable for Android or a Lightning cable for iPhones. An XLR condenser mic can be connected to a smartphone using an XLR-USBC adapter for Android or an XLR-Lightning adapter for iPhones.

How do I use an external mic on Android?

Put simply, condenser microphones have active electronics that need an external power source, while dynamic mics are passive and therefore do not need phantom power. Because of the way condenser mics work, their output is very high impedance, and therefore requires a powered circuit to reduce that impedance. 3.

How can I make my condenser mic work without phantom power?

Although there’s no way to use a condenser mic without phantom power, you can use a condenser mic without an audio interface, or mixing board, straight to your computer. To do that you need you need an XLR to USB pre amp, such as the MXL Mic Mate Pro.

How do you use a BM 800 with phantom power?

Phantom power simply supplies a condenser microphone with additional voltage. Phantom power therefore does not reduce noise, but it does provide the microphone with the necessary boost in power that it needs to record audio. Noise is more likely to be reduced by taking other measures.

Is Phantom a power?

Phantom Power is a term given to the process of delivering DC (Direct Current) to microphones requiring electric power to drive active circuitry. Condenser microphones such as Shure’s KSM range all have active circuitry and require phantom power.

What’s the difference between condenser and dynamic mics?

There is a difference in how they work. The dynamic mics use a diaphragm, voice coil and magnet to pick the sound waves and convert them into an electrical signal. Condenser mics use an electrically-charged diaphragm, which when vibrates, an electrical signal is generated that is proportional to the sound.

How do I connect my BM 800 mic to my computer?

Ribbon microphones are the most natural mics that you can use to capture the sound of an instrument, a voice, and even the ambience of a room. Due to their figure-of-8 polar pattern, massive low-end pick-up, and natural high-frequency roll-off, ribbons really hear more like your ears than any other mic out there.

How do I connect my microphone to my audio interface?

To connect a dynamic microphone to your computer, plug an audio interface into your computer, and then use your microphone’s XLR cable to connect the mic to the audio interface. Then, go into your computer’s settings and change the input to the audio interface.

What does V8 sound card do?

This multifunctional live sound card has 12 kinds of electronic sounds and effects, modes which support dual mobile use. It also supports IOS and android phones. The V8 Sound card is extremely useful for mobile live streaming.

Is BM 800 A good mic Reddit?

I’m a beginner, is that mic good? The bm800 with Phantom power can get the job done as long as you have a good enough recording environment. If you have a dead enough space you can make a phone microphone sound pretty damn good.

What is a phantom power supply?

Phantom power, commonly designated as 48V or P48, was designed to power microphones without using bulky external power supplies such as the ones required for tube microphones. It’s a way of sending the DC electrical current required through a balanced XLR cable.

What are polar patterns in microphones?

The polar pattern of a microphone determines the sensitivity at different angles. A polar pattern defines how much of the signal will be picked up by the microphone from different directions.

How do I use a condenser mic on PC?

To connect a condenser microphone to a computer, you have to first connect an audio interface that has phantom power. You then run an XLR cable from the audio interface into your condenser microphone. Make sure you turn on the phantom power button and also use a pop filter and shock mount.

How do you use a condenser mic?

Connect the microphone to the computer through the USB cable supplied with the microphone. Plug the small end of the cable into the microphone. Plug the other end of the cable into a [url=’2066′]USB port[/url] on your computer. Control the sound by launching your computer’s digital audio workstation (DAW).

What is a mic sound card?

Lesson Summary. A sound card converts between digital data and analog sound. This allows you to listen to music and record your own sound. Different types of connectors on a sound card allow you to use external devices, such as headphones, higher quality speakers, and a microphone.

What type of microphone is best for vocals?

Condenser Microphones are better for recording vocals than dynamic microphones as they can pick up much more detail and are the most linear type of microphone. Condenser microphones are, therefore, ideal for the recording studio environment.

Can I plug a microphone into my phone?

Most computers and laptops nowadays come with a single audio jack designed for both headphones and microphone use. This usually isn’t an issue considering that most wired headphones come with the standard 3.5mm TRRS plug ideal for integrated audio jacks.

Can you connect a condenser mic to an iPhone?

To change the microphone settings on Android, go to Settings > Apps > Permissions > Microphone. You’ll see the apps that have permissions to change the microphone settings.

Can I use BM 800 without sound card?

I can actually use the BM 800 without the USB sound card but it will be difficult for me to record and listen to the audio at the same time because my laptop only has one 3.5mm jack. Using a sound card allows you to split the microphone and speaker input/output.

Do I need a preamp for my condenser mic?

DO I NEED A MIC PREAMP? Most probably yes! A preamp is one of those essential items for your studio. If you use a condenser microphone, which requires 48v phantom power to work, you’ll need a preamp to provide it!

Why is it called phantom power?

Phantom Power transmits the voltage and audio signal simultaneously over the same audio cable to the microphone or other connected audio device. It’s called phantom power because it works by transmitting power using the same cable that’s carrying the audio signal.

What happens if you don’t use phantom power?

They do not require external power such as a battery to operate. Electret condenser microphones have two little plates (capacitor), one of which vibrates in the presence of sound. The varying capacitance is turned into an electrical audio signal by a tiny built in pre-amplifier.

Can you damage a condenser microphone?

Although most condensers, even the budget options, have excellent build quality with good components that make them last for a long time, they can still get broken or damaged.

Does the BM 800 mic need phantom power?

All condenser mics require phantom in order to work correctly, the 800 on the other hand is actually a poorly designed electret mic so white it technically functions without phantom it still certainly benefits from it. I strongly suggest you get an audio interface also because it needs a preamp too.

What is phantom power for mic?

Phantom power is DC voltage sent down the microphone cable to power the preamplifier of a condenser mic capsule and/or to provide a polarization charge to the back plate of the element. Most modern mixing consoles provide phantom power, as do external audio interfaces, certain audio recorders and video cameras.

What is a dynamic mic?

Dynamic microphones, thus, are microphones that convert sound into an electrical signal by means of electromagnetism. They fall into two categories, moving coil and ribbon microphones. A moving coil capsule: At the back of the transparent membrane you can see the wire coil, which is surrounded by a permanent magnet.

How do I remove background noise from a condenser mic?

If there’s a buzzing noise it is usually a loose connection or a faulty cable. If you’ve tried replacing the cable, but are still experiencing an unusual noise, it could be a faulty microphone that has been damaged internally. Look up the manufacturer’s warranty and see if you can get a replacement or get it fixed.

Why is my microphone hissing?

If you’re using a certain kind of microphone into a certain kind of interface or digital recorder you might be hearing some level of hiss underneath your recordings. If so, the type of microphone you’re using will likely be what’s known as a “dynamic” mic. This term refers to how the mic is built, and how it functions.

How do you know if your mic needs phantom power?

How do I know if my mic needs phantom power? Well, the simplest way would be to verify whether your microphone is a condenser type or another type such as dynamic or ribbon. If it is a condenser microphone it will need phantom power, if it is a different type of microphone it will not.

What is the difference between audio interface and phantom power?

Phantom power makes the condenser microphone work, but the audio interface is a device required for the audio to get into and out of the computer. So, unless you have a way to connect the microphone to the computer, you will need an audio interface.