Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
What model is a 2021 Toyota HiLux

What model is a 2022 Toyota HiLux?

The 2022 Toyota HiLux SR5 (4×4) is a four-wheel drive x cab pickup that was released to the Australian market on 01/05/2020 classified as a GUN126R FACELIFT. The HiLux is regarded as a pick up or cab chassis 4×4 built in Thailand with prices from a dealer as a used car starting at $57,300.

Is there a new Toyota HiLux?

New Toyota Hilux Highlights

Now available in a unique new design, GR SPORT joins the iconic Hilux line-up. Its powerful 2.8 litre diesel engine is capable of producing 204 DIN hp and up to 500 Nm of torque. With power that’s supplied low down the rev range, you have torque available just when you need it.

What is the price of Toyota HiLux 2022?

The new 2022 Toyota Hilux continues to be available with the existing 2.4-litre turbo diesel unit, which itself has been upgraded with a new stop-start system (except entry-level Active grade). The new 2.8-litre engine is available with a choice of automatic or manual transmissions.

How much horsepower does a 2022 HiLux have?

The Toyota HiLux offers a smooth diesel engine, carries big loads comfortably, and tows very well. You can get it with two-wheel drive or dual-range 4WD, and in 4WD trim it is very good off-road. The HiLux comes in a big variety of models, among them comfortable, family-friendly Double-Cabs.

Is there a 2022 Toyota Hilux?

The Toyota Hilux 2022 prices range from $24,225 for the basic trim level Ute HiLux Workmate (4X2) to $70,750 for the top of the range Ute HiLux Rugged X (4X4). The Toyota Hilux 2022 is available in Diesel and Regular Unleaded Petrol.

Is Toyota Hilux same as Tacoma?

In time, the Hilux sported unique components, completely separate from the Tacoma. Today, it sits on a different platform with unique powertrains. It has different capabilities, a different exterior design and a different interior design. Simply put: it’s just about a completely unique truck.

Why can’t I buy a Toyota Hilux?

The reason you can’t find a Toyota Hilux in U.S. is because of something called the ‘Chicken Tax’. This tax refers to a 25% tariff that the U.S. government imposes on imported light trucks, like the Hilux, and other products such as brandy, potato starch, and dextrin.

How much is new Hilux Nigeria?


All things considered, a brand new Toyota Hilux costs between ₦24 million and ₦25 million in Nigeria.

What’s the price of Hilux?

One of the Toyota Hilux’s most common problems is misfiring and starting problems. The often suspected reason for this is a problem with the fuel injectors. The problem is most common with Toyota Hilux variants that run on common rail diesel engines.

What is the most powerful HiLux?

The incoming Toyota GR HiLux could be the world’s most powerful diesel ute, with the LandCruiser’s V6 diesel generating enough torque to outshine everything from the Ford Ranger Raptor to the Nissan Navara Warrior and everything in-between.

Does the Prado have the same engine as the HiLux?

Every variant in the Prado range is powered the same engine, with the same size – a 2.8-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine.

What engine is in the new HiLux?

The new Hilux powertrain range has been bolstered by a new, more powerful 2.8 litre, 204 DIN hp 500Nm diesel engine, equipping the Toyota pick-up with highly competitive performance in its segment.

Who makes the new HiLux engine?

Toyota says the new 2.8-litre diesel engine fitted to high-end versions of the latest-generation Hilux offers more refinement than the ‘standard’ 2.4-litre engine.

How much can a 2022 HiLux tow?

The 2022 Toyota HiLux SR5 (4×4) has a 216mm ground clearance with a 3500kg braked and 750kg unbraked towing capacity. The HiLux has received a 5 star rating from ANCAP.

Which year is the best Hilux?

1984-1998 – The OLD legendary, reliable SFA (Solid Front Axle) Toyota Hilux. I am sure that these Hiluxes are the ones which earned Toyota the reputation for building the best 4×4 LDV in the world. It is reliable, robust and unstoppable off-road.

How many km can a Hilux do?

It isn’t unheard of for older models to hit over 240,000km or 300,000km on the original gearbox and engine if looked after by firmly sticking to Toyota’s service scheduling. One farmer in Denmark achieved over 620,000km with his 2001 HiLux.

Why is the Hilux so popular?


The car is popular for its reliability. It is well deserved for the car. The car is marketed as Unbreakable. The name itself suggests this.

Will there be a 2022 Land Cruiser?

Despite getting more luxurious over the years, the Land Cruiser has retained its most desirable quality – off-road capability. The 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser 300-Series is finally out, but this time, not in the U.S.

Will Land Cruiser be discontinued?

After over 60 years of off-road adventures, the Toyota Land Cruiser has been discontinued, making 2022 the vehicle’s last model year. For current Land Cruiser owners, rest assured that you’ll still receive top-quality service from your local Toyota Service Center.

Will HiLux get a V6 diesel?

A full-fat, high-performance GR HiLux – potentially with twin-turbo petrol or diesel V6 power – isn’t expected until the launch of the next-generation HiLux, due in 2025 or 2026.

Which is better Hilux or Tacoma?

The latest Hilux looks similar to the Tacoma in terms of the trapezoidal design, but the Hilux has a more streamlined front and sleeker headlights. It also has sharper body lines, and the wheel design is more pronounced. However, there are options for a rugged exterior that comes with lots of cladding.

What is the Toyota Hilux called in America?

The Hilux was replaced by the Toyota Tacoma in 1995 in North America but continued to be sold in South America.

Which is better Hilux or ranger?

The HiLux has a tough as old boots image associated with it, plus generally favourable reports on reliability. It is arguably slightly more sure-footed off-road, but less of an all-rounder. It isn’t as fuel-efficient, it isn’t as powerful, and Rangers come with somewhat better interior features and gadgets.

Where is the Toyota Hilux made?

The HiLux models available today are manufactured in Thailand, ever since Toyota relocated Hilux production from Japan in 2004. The earlier generation Hilux models were manufactured and designed by Toyota subsidiary, Hino Motors, at its plant in Hamura, Tokyo.

Why is the Hilux so reliable?

The Toyota Hilux has been known to carry lots of high mileage on these trucks when they are purchased. Because a lot of driving and long commutes are required in these parts of the world, the amount of miles that are put on these vehicles is essential for their reliability.

Will Toyota bring the Hilux to the US?

Yes, it’s boggling, especially in 2022, but the result is that Toyota chose to create their light trucks here on U.S. soil, rather than attempting to import the Hilux from Japan and still make a profit.

How much is Hilux 4×4 in Nigeria?

5 million – N25 Million.

How much is Hilux Tokunbo in Nigeria?

“Hilux” is a combination of “high” and “luxury”. “Surf” means large waves which symbolize the expansiveness of the vehicle’s utility. May 2,1984. HILUX SPORTS PICKUP. “Hilux” is a combination of “high” and “luxury,” and the meaning of “pickup” is the same as in English.

How much is brand new Toyota HiLux Kenya?

Launched in August 1951, the Land Cruiser was originally known as the “Toyota BJ,” a four-wheel-drive vehicle equipped with a powerful engine. In the 70 years since, it has sought to deliver safety and security to diverse customers and other people involved with the vehicle.

What is the price of Toyota Fielder in Kenya?

Toyota Hilux 2022 is a 3 and 5 Seater Pickup Trucks available between a price range of ₱843,000 – ₱1.985 Million in the Philippines. It is available in 5 colors, 14 variants, 2 engine, and 2 transmissions option: Manual and Automatic in the Philippines.

How do you read Mercedes?

The typical American pronunciation of the Mercedes-Benz name can often be heard as “mer-SAY-deez-benz.” While that’s not exactly incorrect, since the brand originated in Germany, the American pronunciation remains slightly off.

How do you read a Peugeot?

The Toyota Hilux can last up to 250,000 to 300,000 miles in a lifespan. With regular repairs and maintenance, any Toyota Hilux can reach 300,000 miles with ease. If you drive an average of 20,000 to 30,000 miles in a year, you can ride your Hilux for 10 to 15 years before needing major repairs.

How long will a d4d engine last?

The average Toyota engine will last between 250,000 miles to 300,000 miles. This means that the engine in your Toyota model should run in good condition for 16 to 20 years before wearing out.

What does d4d mean in Toyota?

D-4D actually stands for Direct Injection 4 Cylinder Common Rail Diesel Engine. Common rail diesels injects a fine mist of fuel into the engine at very high pressure. The result is the same power and refinement as a petrol engine, but with better fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

What is the best 4×4 diesel engine?

Toyota Hilux Hilux (N80) – 2.8Ltr 2016 to 2022 Hilux | Legendex Performance.

Is Hilux or DMAX better?

Like the D-MAX, the Toyota’s engine is also mated to a 6-speed automatic gearbox. While the Isuzu’s 3.0-liter diesel engine still puts out good numbers, the Hilux’s smaller 2.8-liter engine does boast of greater power figures, making it the overall winner of this round.

Whats better Prado or HiLux?

While both make similar maximum power (126kW for the HiLux and 127kW for the Prado), the Prado has a higher maximum torque output (410Nm versus 343Nm). This extra torque translates to more power right through the rev range with the HiLux only coming close to matching the Prado in the higher reaches.

Which is better Land Cruiser or Prado?

Unsurprisingly, the Land Cruiser is the overall better automobile. Yeah, We get that it’s more expensive, but its power is unparalleled by comparison! Both operate on turbo diesel, yet the V8 engine and extra horsepower give the Land Cruiser the necessary edge to be considered the better of the two.

What engine is in the 2022 HiLux?

2022 Toyota HiLux SR5 (4×4) Specifications

The HiLux is a four-wheel drive 2 door with 4 seats, powered by a 2.8L DIESEL TURBO 4 engine that has 150 kW of power (at 3000 rpm) and 500 Nm of torque (at 1600 rpm) via a Six-speed Automatic.