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What is so special about Hobonichi

What is so special about Hobonichi?

Special stitch-binding allows the techo to lay completely flat without being held down. The Hobonichi Techo is made from a light, durable paper called Tomoe River paper that feels great to use. This allows the book to contain an incredible number of pages while still remaining totally compact.

What is a hobo planner?

The hobonichi is a planner that was designed and created in 2001, with the intention of being an innovative design and have really good functionality. It was created by Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun. The hobonichi is also affectionally called a “Hobo”. You can find tones of examples on instagram under the #hobonichi.

What do you write in Hobonichi?

Write about your interests – I’d usually go into details about recipes or my meals. I would also note down favorite artists and their styles. Draw your favorite things – I love following dogs and cats on Instagram and Facebook, and I would use this opportunity to draw them on my Hobonichi!

What are the different Hobonichi?

The Hobonichi uses Tomoe River Paper, a high-quality, super-thin, fountain-pen-friendly paper, which is one of the reasons so many people love this planner. The Hobonichi is quite a phenomenon in Japan, and excitement about it has spread to the United States.

What is a Hobonichi notebook?

Hobonichi Plain Notebook (A5)A5 Size / Undated / Graph Paper

This notebook has Tomoe River paper, opens completely flat, and contains graph paper divided into 4 colors. The Tomoe River paper is the same thin, durable paper as that used in the Hobonichi Techo.

What is Hobonichi journaling?

Hobonichi is a Japanese company that designs notebooks for journaling and planning, but Hobonichi refers to any kinds of journaling with a small notebook. Creative journaling and planning are very popular in Asian countries.

What is Hobonichi paper?

The Hobonichi Paper(s) notebook is specially designed with glue binding to provide easy-tear pages. Depending on how the notebook is used and handled, the glue binding may weaken over time, and pages may fall out.

What is a Fauxbonichi Journal?

A fauxbonichi is a planner that uses the Happy Notes system and Happy Planner half-sheets. They are inspired by hobonichi weeks planners. People have been creating fauxbonichis based on hobonichis for years but the newest version in the planner world involves using the Happy Planner materials to create it.

What paper will Hobonichi use now?

Japanese planner maker Hobonichi will continue using Tomoe River paper for its 2022 lineup expected to be released in a few weeks time.

What is a techo planner?

The Kokuyo Jibun Techo is a planner that organizes all the different information you have in your life. Formats are designed to help you plan out your days, set goals, track progress and keep record of the many things that goes on in life. JIBUN means “myself” and TECHO means “planner” in Japanese.

How do you use a Hobonichi cover?

Even at 240 pages, the WEEKS is incredibly compact. It’s 10mm thick and weighs under 5oz, making it effortless to keep on hand.

What’s the difference between Hobonichi weeks and mega?

Aside from having three times the memo pages, the Weeks Mega is identical to a standard Hobonichi Techo Weeks. The Color series Weeks Mega is about 13 mm thick, while the standard Color series Weeks is 9 mm — while there are 3 times the number of memo pages, but the book is only 1.4 times thicker.

How do you use Hobonichi daily pages?

These ballpoint pen refills are for the Jetstream, the popular 0.5 mm pen that’s included in the free bonus set for certain products purchased from the online Hobonichi Store. The pen writes in incredibly smooth, thin lines and does not transfer or leak.

Can you paint in Hobonichi?

The Hobonichi uses Tomoe River paper, so it’s quite strong enough to handle watercolor and most types of ink. Even fountain pen ink! I’m actually using my A5 cousin as a watercolor sketchbook. Love painting food!

What paper will Hobonichi use in 2023?

Hobonichi Plain Notebook A5 is made of thin and durable Tomoe River paper. The color of the ink on the page changes every 72 pages making it easy to split the book into several themes.

How many pages are in a Hobonichi?

The A6-size book is 8mm thick and contains 240 pages, while the A5-size book is 10mm thick and contains 288 pages. Both notebooks lay completely flat on a desk, allowing them to fit an immense amount of contents in their pages while still providing an incredibly comfortable writing experience.

How do you use Hobonichi weeks?

The History. What is the Hobonichi Techo? The Hobonichi Techo is a planner notebook created by staff members of the website Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun, shortened as Hobonichi. Techo (pronounced “tetch-oh”) is a Japanese word for a planner notebook.

What is Hobonichi Techo planner?

The Hobonichi Techo is a Life Book that’s flexible enough to fit the lifestyle and tastes of its user, allowing for freedom in how to use it. The daily page books include the A6 size Original or Planner and the A5 size Cousin.

Is Tomoe River paper discontinued?

Once the machines needed repair, the decision was made to discontinue the paper production. I am sad to say that yes, the rumor is true. Tomoe River paper has come to an end as of December 2020 and the paper that now exists is the last.

What GSM is Hobonichi?

We use the same 52 gsm paper as the Hobonichi.

How many pages is Hobonichi day free?

The Hobonichi Techo is made in Japan by Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun and has been around since 2001. In 2012, Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun teamed up with ARTS&SCIENCE — a store headed by stylist Sonya Park — to bring the popular Techo to the English language.

How do you use a Hobonichi A6 Techo?

The Weeks is much smaller than the standard-Midori size inserts this TN is designed for.

Can you bullet Journal in a Hobonichi?

The one thing I love most about the Bullet Journal is the fact that you are not restricted to a specific date or year just like how we do on a planner (a Hobonichi, for example). You can skip days or even months of Bullet Journaling and not feel guilty of having left dated pages blank.

What is Hobonichi cover on cover?

Cover on Cover is an optional, extra covering that fits select Hobonichi Techo covers to protect them from wear and tear. (Not for use directly on book.) It also provides a place to store postcards, pictures, and other decorations to spruce up the look of your cover.

How do you clean a Hobonichi cover?

Convenient, portable A6 size

The Original is the same A6 size as the Hobonichi Techo Planner, which is roughly 4”x6” and easy to pull out anytime to jot a quick note.

Does Hobonichi cousin come in English?

From the heartfelt to the humorous to the whimsical, each page of the planner features a quote specially selected from the planner’s parent site, Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun. The quotes for the Cousin version are only in Japanese. If you would like the quotes in English, please buy the A6-size Hobonichi Techo Planner.

Does Hobonichi A5 come in English?

An English-language daily planner with an unobtrusive and supportive layout. A compact Japanese daily planner with a colorful, user-friendly design. The Day-Free combines a monthly calendar with a graph paper notebook. The book comes in A6 and A5 sizes.

How many note pages are in Hobonichi weeks?

Hobonichi Techo WeeksSummary

Each weekly spread also contains the characteristic Hobonichi quote in Japanese on the bottom of the page. Although slim at first glance, the book holds 69 graph-ruled memo pages for note-taking at the end of the book.

How many blank pages does the Hobonichi week have?

Hobonichi Techo WeeksInformational Pages

*The Weeks Mega (only available in January-start) contains 212 pages of blank graph paper in the back.

How many pages is Hobonichi weeks Mega?

Hobonichi Techo WeeksCover and

The Weeks Mega (only available in January-start) is 384 pages, 13 mm thick, and weighs 190 g. *As the Weeks does not lay completely flat by itself, hold it down lightly with your hand as you write.

Is Hobonichi paper acid free?

The strong-bond glue not only glues pieces of paper together, but is also good for applying other types of material to paper, such as plastics or rhinestones. The acid-free* glue allows you to store your glued pages for a long time in good condition.

How do you put lead in Uni Jetstream?

The Stalogy 365 journals are plain-looking, softcover notebooks with a black textured ‘plastic’ outside cover. A few Stalogy logo’s and their slogan “what should have been, is” adorn the top left edge of the front cover, hot-foiled in gold.

What is Clairefontaine paper?

Clairefontaine is a French paper manufacturer that is renowned for its fine quality notebooks. The paper is exceptionally white and ultra-smooth. Colorful and sturdy, Clairefontaine notebooks feature a perfect satin finish for the maximum smoothness in writing.

What paper is used for Hobonichi weeks?

The thin, light paper, called Tomoe River paper, is strong and resistant to bleeding ― an ideal choice for a planner. The Weeks contains a cream-colored paper variant that’s easy on the eyes when used outdoors.

How wide are Hobonichi cousin columns?

The Cousin is the largest planner in the Hobonichi Techo lineup. At 148 mm x 210 mm (5.8″ x 8.3″), the A5 size is twice the size of its A6 Original counterpart, so there’s plenty of room to use the Cousin for both business and pleasure.

Who is Hobonichi?

Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun (ほぼ日刊イトイ新聞, lit. Almost Daily Itoi Newspaper), also known as Hobonichi (ほぼ日), is a Japanese company run by Hobonichi Co., Ltd. that designs and produces various daily life products such as T-shirts and notebooks.

How long has Hobonichi been around?

Initially released in October 2001 in Japan, the Hobonichi Techo celebrates its 17th year with version 2018. More and more people pick up the Hobonichi Techo every year, and now with a rich variety of book types and abundant cover designs, it is enjoyed by users all around the world.

How do you make a Hobonichi cover?

Special stitch-binding allows the techo to lay completely flat without being held down. The Hobonichi Techo is made from a light, durable paper called Tomoe River paper that feels great to use. This allows the book to contain an incredible number of pages while still remaining totally compact.

Does Hobonichi have Black Friday sale?

Yes, Hobonichi Techo offers Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.