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What is a menstruation disc

What is a menstruation disc?

Menstrual discs have been the talk of many a social media feed lately, but what exactly are they? A menstrual disc is an insertable alternative period product that’s supposed to provide 12 hours of protection, let you have mess-free sex on your period, and even help minimize cramps.

How do I know if my menstrual disc is in right?

How do I know if Softdisc is inserted properly? You should not be able to feel Softdisc at all once inserted. If you can feel it, try pushing Softdisc farther back before tucking the rim behind your pubic bone.

Which menstrual disc should I use?

For low and average height cervix users, the best menstrual disc would be those with a smaller diameter. Products that fit this criteria are the Lumma Medium, Cora Disc, and Lumma Short. Even if your cervix is average or lower than average the larger discs like Cora or Nixit might still fit because of their flat shape.

Can a menstrual disc fall out?

Problem: Menstrual Disc Coming Untucked Without Cause

It happens often with new disc users. Apprehension about HOW far up the disc should get pushed is common. I experienced this problem myself and my first few days using one ended in a slipped disc in my vagina that felt like it would fall out.

Are menstrual discs easier than cups?

Menstrual cups tend to be easier to insert and remove than discs when you’re new to reusable products. Menstrual cups tend to be less messy to remove than menstrual discs for new and experienced users.

Can Nixit get stuck?

If you feel like nixit is stuck don’t fret! You will get it out! Try to relax. Take some calming breaths and then try some different positions while bearing down and then using your finger to gently untuck it.

Can a menstrual disk be too big?

If your disc is too big you may experience:

The disc slipping from behind the pubic bone with normal wear. The disc should fit snug enough to be able to tuck behind the pubic bone but should not be so large that it can pop from the position on its own.

Why does my Flex Disc leak when I pee?

Seeing blood when you pee (or poop) is normal.

When you bear down on your pelvic floor muscles, your Flex Disc’s front edge may slide out from behind your pubic bone, letting some fluid out. This is nothing to worry about.

How does Flex Disc empty itself?

When your disc starts to become full, just push down on your pelvic floor (kind of like you’re pooping) while sitting on the toilet. The movement in your pelvic floor will cause a good majority of your period blood to empty into the toilet, all without dislodging the disc.

Which is better flex or Softdisc?

While Softdisc™ and FLEX™ share many of the same great benefits, the key difference between the two products has to do with fit and the materials used to make the product. FLEX™ uses ComfortSeal™ technology to create a custom, leak-resistant seal at the base of the cervix.

Are menstrual discs safer than tampons?

Jessica Shepherd, obstetrician-gynecologist and chief medical officer at Verywell Health, says discs are “absolutely” a healthy menstrual tool. “Alternatives like cups and discs… are great ways for people to have options that are not necessarily in the pad or tampon range,” she says.

Can you sleep with a soft disc?

✔︎ Softdisc can be comfortably worn overnight, during exercise, and even during sexual intercourse. Hypoallergenic and made without phthalates, BPA and natural latex, Softdisc is safe to wear for 12 hours and is not linked to TSS.

How long can you leave nixit in?

Surprising, we know, compared to the biggest tampons that hold less than 20ml. So if you’re ready to make the switch, or if you’ve already switched and want to make the most of it, try nixit! (for up to 12 hours at a time).

When should I replace nixit?

How often should I replace my nixit? The nixit menstrual cup is made from 100% medical grade silicone and is built to last for years. We think you should trust your judgement on this one – if you notice rips, punctures or any stickiness then you should change it straight away.

Can you put a menstrual cup in too far?

Don’t insert your cup too high. As long as it’s sitting underneath your cervix, you’re good. Remember that cups generally don’t sit as high as tampons do, as they sit closer to the vaginal opening (though they can move around as you do). You should be able to easily reach the stem.

How far in does a menstrual disc go?

The opening of the “bowl” needs to face upwards towards you. You can use one hand or two- using two allows you to keep the disc folded fully lengthwise and reduces the diameter. Keep pushing the disc until it is tucked below the cervix.

Why are menstrual discs so big?

Vaginas are very elastic, and the shape of a Flex Disc was planned specifically to fit comfortably inside the vaginal fornix (the widest part of the vaginal canal, all the way at the back, near your cervix). So, even though a menstrual disc looks big, it was designed to fit over 90% of people who get a period.

Can Flex Disc get stuck?

If you’ve ever wondered: Can you get a menstrual cup stuck? The answer is yes, but you can totally get it out without asking your bestie for help (though many people have used a helper or a doctor to dislodge a stuck cup). While you might have a moment of panic, you’re going to be just fine.

Can you wear a tampon with a Flex Disc?

Because of this unique placement, most users do not feel the disc when it’s inserted properly. Flex Disc holds over three tampons-worth of fluid and should not leak if inserted properly. It is designed to fit anyone with a period and can be worn during all of your normal activities, such as swimming or exercise.

Can you reuse Flex Disc?

Flex Disc is not reusable. Flex Disc is a single-use, disposable menstrual product that has been tested and approved for up to 12 hours of wear. After 12 hours, you must remove Flex Disc and dispose of the used disc in the waste bin, then you can insert a new one.

Can I reuse a Softdisc?

Can I use disposable menstrual discs more than once? While some individuals wash and reuse their disposable menstrual disc, it is not suggested by the company. These disposable discs are meant to be thrown out after each removal.

Can you swim with a Softdisc?

Softdisc can be worn during exercise, swimming, using the bathroom, and even during sexual intercourse. Note that It is normal to experience some leaking while using the bathroom as you are bearing down on your pelvic muscles.

How do you remove a flex disk without making a mess?

In terms of clean-up, you can remove Flex Disc in public without getting period blood on your fingers by using a disposable medical exam glove (latex or non-latex) or one of our specially-designed Flex Removal Pouches. Just put the pouch over your hand before you insert a finger to remove your disc.

Are discs or cups better?

Menstrual cups and discs prevent an alternative to tampons and pads that’s well worth considering. Cups may be better if you don’t want to deal with the mess of a disc upon removal. Sex may be more comfortable with a disc than a cup, and there’s less to worry about when it comes to IUDs.

Is nixit better than cup?

nixit and other traditional menstrual cups collect; they don’t absorb, and they’re better for your body because there is less risk when compared to tampons that absorb your flow. If you’ve never used a menstrual cup before, let me fill you in. Traditional menstrual cups use suction to stay in place and collect flow.

How often boil nixit?

If you do have access, bring a ‘soaking’ cup for your nixit and submerge for 10 minutes in boiling water to sanitize once every month. Remember if you’re washing your cup in a ‘questionable’ water source, try to do a final rinse with bottled water.

How do I know if my menstrual cup is full?

If the menstrual cup has been inserted correctly, you might hear a “pop” or a suction sound which means that the cup has unfolded and created the necessary suction seal. If you’re in doubt, reach in and feel around the base of the cup – it should feel round or oval and not have any noticeable folds.

Is nixit good for high cervix?

I would suggest “low average – high cervix” heights work with the nixit. Bodies are so varied that even a high cervix user might find the diameter too large, or a low cervix person finds the nixit a perfect fit. Guidelines for sizing are helpful but not foolproof.

Can you go swimming with a menstrual cup?

Can you wear a menstrual cup while swimming? Like tampons, menstrual cups are worn internally and can be worn while swimming in any kind of water.

Why is my menstrual cup leaking at night?

My menstrual cup isn’t full, so why does it still leak? We do know of some, who while sleeping, may experience leaking due to their muscles relaxing so much that it loosens the seal of the cup. For this reason, ensuring the cup is angled correctly and inserted properly is important.

Can you wear a menstrual cup when not on period?

You can even wear it when you’re anticipating your period, or not sure if your period is over (though if you have regular cycles, you could just check Clue!). Menstrual cups might have fewer leaks for you than tampons or pads, and usually have less odor.

Can I pee with a Flex Cup in?

Yes, you can. Peeing with a menstrual cup in is easy—the menstrual cup will not interfere with urination. Some brands of cup (1,5) say that you can pass stool while wearing a menstrual cup, while other companies avoid the question all together.

Why does my flex keep leaking?

What’s happening is that your disc is sliding down a little bit in your vaginal canal when you bear down to pee or poop. Your disc’s front edge may have made its way just beyond your pubic bone—and this lets a little fluid out.

Can you wear Flex Disc overnight?

FLEX is an alternative to tampons, pads and cups. It can be worn safely up to 12 hours, including overnight.

Can you buy flex at Walmart?

Flex Reusable Menstrual Cup Size 2 with 2 Free Flex Disposable Menstrual Discs –

How do I know if my Softcup is in right?

It will slide into place under the cervix and behind the pubic bone. You can also twist the cup into place as shown in the video clip above. When Softcup is inserted properly, you shouldn’t feel it. If you feel something in the vaginal canal, the cup is probably not placed far enough inside you.

How do I know if my Flex cup is in right?

If you notice any, try twisting the cup slightly or pressing gently against your vaginal walls to help it open up. You’ll know your cup is in the right place when you can get up and move around without leaks or discomfort.

How do you insert nixit?

If you don’t clean your cup properly, bacteria, odors, stains, and erosion can occur. This could lead to irritation, or, in more rare cases, infection. This also means that your cup will likely need to be replaced more often. That’s why it’s recommended to keep up with your daily cleaning and monthly sterilization.

How do you remove nixit?

To remove the Nixit, use a finger to find the rim, then “hook” and pull down and horizontally (sort of like pulling out a drawer). Some people find bearing down the cup (like having a bowel movement) can help dislodge and push it lower before slowly pulling the disc out.