Spondias Dulcis (June Plums) Tropical Fruit Tree

Spondias Dulcis (June Plums) Tropical Fruit Tree

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Details: This delightful tree will provide you with white blooms and start fruiting immediately. Once the plums have gone from green to yellow they're ripe and ready to be picked. The fruit, usually amber in color when ripe, has yellow/brown interior flesh and a spicy flavor. The consistency is similar to an apple. A mixture of tart and sweet, it makes a good fresh drink and can be used in jams, sauces, fruit butter and preserves. In Vietnam the unripe fruit is eaten with salt, sugar, and chili, or with shrimp paste. Children eat the fruit macerated in artificially sweetened licorice extract. Plant the tree where it gets some shelter from the north wind because it is somewhat cold sensitive. Semi-deciduous, it will drop leaves during a cold spell but will recover with bright new foliage as the weather warms.

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