Durana White Clover Seed
Durana White Clover Seed
Durana White Clover Seed
Durana White Clover Seed

Durana White Clover Seed

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Brand: Hancock Seed Company

Color: green


  • Seeding Depth: 1/4 inch maximum
  • Seeding Rate - New: 5 lbs. per acre
  • Seeding Rate - Overseeding: 3 lbs. per acre
  • When to Plant: Fall - Spring

Details: Durana is highly persistent under grazing and is best used to enrich existing, unimproved cool or warm season grass pastures, especially if ridding a pasture of toxic fescue is not an option. It is excellent for grazing fall through early summer. Durana increases the attractiveness and nutritional value of wildlife food plots, alone or in a mixture. Adaptation: From Eastern Texas and Oklahoma across the South to the Atlantic coast and north along a line from Macon, GA to Dallas, TX. Durana persists well under grazing. Benefits: Research and ranch experiences repeatedly demonstrate the superior feed value of a white clover-grass mixture compared to grass alone. Improvements in conception rates, milk production, calf weaning weights, daily gains and animal health can be realized. Durana-grass mixtures may also be used for high-quality hay or silage. Durana also captures atmosheric nitrogen - 50 to 125 lbs. per acre per year. Nutrition: 18 to 28% crude protein and total digestable nutrients(TDN) ranging from 65 to 85%. Highest values will be obtained with a vegetative to 10% bloom harvest. Maturity of the crop at harvest will determine individual results. Special Considerations: Bloat can be a problem for animals on pastures with a large proportion (>35%) of white clover. Bloat-preventative supplement materials are recommended. The Yield Up Brand Denotes Pennington's Best. Durana white clover qualifies to be a Yield Up brand because of its superior persistence under grazing. Durana is a durable, all purpose white clover you can count on to persist under grazing, compete in tall fescue and bermudagrass sod, maintain a long stand life, provide a high quality diet to grazing animals, and fix nitrogen to share with companion grasses.

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