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Is Insta360 a Chinese company

Is Insta360 a Chinese company?

(Chinese: 影石创新科技股份有限公司), doing business as Insta360, is a camera company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, with offices in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Berlin. It makes action cameras, 360-degree cameras, editing software for mobile and desktop and 180-3D cameras.

Is Insta360 Go 2 good vlogging?

The tiny Insta360 Go 2 packs plenty of cool features, and can shoot impressive video and stills. The case, which doubles as both charger and remote control, is an excellent addition. It’s more geared towards vlogging and the like than true action cam footage, though.

Can you use the Insta360 without a phone?

Using an Insta360 Nano without an iPhone. With a Micro SD card installed, Insta360 Nano can work as an independent camera.

Can the Insta360 Go 2 be used as a webcam?

As of now only the Insta360 One R using the 4K or 360 Mod can be used as a webcam. The Insta360 Go 2 is unlikely to be updated for this purpose due to its tiny size. The One X2 may be suitable as a 360 camera however the quality will be lower than that of the One R with the 4K mod.

Is Insta360 an Apple product?

The Insta360 Apple Watch app. The Insta360 iOS app includes a robust Apple Watch app too.

Where are Insta360 cameras made?

But what few may realise is that Insta360, which produces 360-degree cameras that beat GoPro devices, is a 4-year old Shenzhen based-company, helmed by 28-year old Liu Jingkang.

Can I use Insta360 as dashcam?

This camera is literally perfect to use as Dashcam as well as all the other things. 4K 60fps / 1080P 200fps (or even 5.3K with 1″ sensor). 360 view angle.

Is Insta360 Go 2 worth?

Worth Your Money? The Insta360 Go 2 is a cute camera that’s certainly capable of a lot, considering its size. It’s got awesome stabilization, a variety of shooting modes, and it’s incredibly convenient to take with you. But I wouldn’t recommend it over the DJI Action 2.

How long can Insta360 Go 2 record?

Second, recording time. You can’t have a tiny camera without a tiny battery, but the compact size also dramatically reduces the ability of the camera to dissipate heat. This means that the longest continuous recording time in Pro Video mode is 10 minutes, or 15 minutes in standard mode.

Can you use Insta360 Nano without phone?

The Insta360 Nano is compatible withe the iPhone 6 and higher, it plugs straight into the phones lightning port where you can control the camera from the phones screen. The Insta360 can be used without a phone but you won’t be able to see the photos and videos.

Is Insta360 nano compatible with iPhone 11?

Insta360 Nano S 360 VR Camera 4K HD 360 Degree Video 20MP Photos Compatible with iPhone 11, 11 Pro,…

How do you charge Insta360 go 2?

Q6 How can I charge GO 2? Place GO 2 into the Charge Case, aligning the charging points on the back of the camera with the charging points in the case. GO 2 will then start charging automatically.

Can you stream with Insta360?

Insta360 ONE supports both 360 Live and Animation Live(FreeCast). And now 360 Live is supported on some social platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and Weibo. *Live-streaming function is only enabled while the camera connecting to Phone/Pad.

How do I connect my Insta360 to my PC?

The Insta360 app uses AI to find your best shots and edit them together on beat. FlashCut analyzes footage on theme, quality and time of capture to create cinematic clips that are ready to share. For your 360 content, select your subject with a tap or a voice command.

Is there an Insta360 app for Mac?

Insta360 has officially launched Insta360 Studio for ONE X, a desktop editing application for its ONE X 360-degree camera. The software had previously been available as a beta version but is now in full production, giving One X users a new reliable editing option in addition to the Android and iOS mobile apps.

Does Insta360 app work on IPAD?

Yes, Insta360 App is compatible with Android and iOS.

When did the Insta360 one X2 come out?

The Insta360 One X2 has been available since October 28, 2020 for $429.99 at

Is Insta360 a public company?

China’s GoPro rival plans IPO in 2020 after raising fresh round of funding. Insta360, a Chinese company that sells cameras able to film 360-degree video, said on Wednesday it had raised $30 million in funding. Chief Executive JK Liu told CNBC the company would go public in 2020 in China.

When was the insta 360 released?

Aftermarket kits exist that let you install a 360-degree camera system in your car. They typically include several cameras and a controller that links them all to your car’s infotainment screen.

Does Insta360 Go 2 record sound?

Under normal conditions, one fully charged battery can continuously shoot for roughly 1 hour at [email protected] or [email protected].

Is Insta360 go worth it?

Probably not, but if you’re after unique immersive shots or fancy a small, lightweight vlogging rig then the Insta360 Go 2 is worth considering. An increase in resolution and shooting features – chiefly FlowState stabilization and ‘horizon lock’ – makes it a lot more serious a product than the original Go.

Does Insta360 Go 2 have SD card?

32GB of onboard storage may not sound like a lot, but I found it was enough for around 30 hours of pro-mode video, and it’s easy enough to manage and delete clips through the app. But there is no SD-card slot, so you will need to tidy up your footage at some point.

Is the Insta360 go and the go 2 the same size?

What devices are compatible with Insta360 ONE X? What devices are compatible with Insta360 ONE X? ONE X is compatible with iOS 10.0 or above, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone8/8 plus, iPhone 7/7 plus, iPhone 6s/6s plus, iPhone SE,iPad Pro,iPad (2018).

Can insta360 go 2 record while charging?

A USB-C cable is a recent type of USB connector that’s easier to use and more powerful than older USB types. USB-C cables can be used to quickly charge many popular devices, including the MacBook Pro and Nintendo Switch, and transfer data faster than any other USB type.

How do you charge insta360 go 2 without a case?

How do you charge the Go 2 without the charge case? Use the Go 2 USB Power Mount ($20), which has a USB Type C port for charging.

What is reframe live Insta360?

With Reframe live, you can control the angle in any direction in real time. Let’s say your streaming yourself cooking, and want to talk to your audience, then show them the result of you marvellous cooking skills! Well, you can do that all from the live interface. Just swipe to reframe when you’re live.

How do I stream Insta360 one x2?

RTMP stands for real-time messaging protocol. It provides for high-performance transmission of audio, video, and data from an encoder to a server, which distributes the signal across the Internet. Many streaming providers and encoder developers support RTMP streaming, including Livestream.

How do you transfer videos from Insta360 GO 2 to PC?

Connect GO 2 to your PC via the official cable. Open the DCIM > Camera01 folder, then copy the photos/videos you want to your PC.

How do I transfer Insta360 GO 2 to PC?

You can download GO 2’s files to your PC, then use the Insta360 Studio to edit and export. Open the Charge Case with GO 2 connected, and turn on GO 2. Connect the Charge Case to your PC via the official cable. Open the DCIM folder, then you can view your files.

How do I transfer from PC to Insta360?

1. Please connect Android phone to your computer, and select “Manage Files” when message pops up on your phone to allow computer to access to the phone. 2. Click on “This PC”, and find “GalleryOriginal” folder under Insta360OneX which is ONE X APP’s album folder.

Can you use GoPro for zoom?

GoPro’s webcam software is compatible with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Twitch, BlueJeans, GoTo Meeting, Snap Camera and Facebook Rooms. It’s also compatible with YouTube Live and Webex if you’re using a Google Chrome browser. When you open your video chat service, select GoPro as your preferred camera.

What GoPro can be used as a webcam?

GoPro released a utility that lets you use the GoPro Hero10, GoPro Hero9 and GoPro Hero8 as a webcam.

Can you use GoPro as webcam with USB-C?

More recent versions of the GoPro make using them as a webcam fairly simple. All you’ll need is a Mac or Windows device, your smartphone, a USB-C cable, and your GoPro.

How do I download the Insta360 app?

Open the Insta360 App, tap the camera icon at the bottom of the app homepage and select “Connect now” in the WiFi panel. Then, choose your ONE R and follow the onscreen instructions to connect your device. Note: For Android device, after choosing your ONE R in the WiFi panel, App will pop up ONE R’s WiFi and password.

How do I connect my Insta360 go 2 to my Apple Watch?

The free update is available to download from Insta360’s website and is compatible with all Insta360 consumer action cameras, including Insta360 ONE R, ONE X2, GO 2 and ONE X. The update is available for Windows and Mac OS computers, and also boasts full compatibility with M1 Macs.

How do I open an Insv file?

INSV files are typically used by videographers and extreme sports enthusiasts. You can open an INSV file captured by an Insta360 camera using Insta360 software. Insta360 Studio can be used in Windows or macOS to play and edit video captured by the ONE, Nano, Nano S, and Air cameras.

How do I connect Insta360 one X2 to macbook?

It’s easy to fire off photos and video without using a smartphone. Tapping into the smartphone app only expands the creative possibilities. For $430, the Insta360 One X2 is a solid 360-degree offering.

Do they still make iPad MINI?

The new iPad mini is available to order now and starts at $499 for the 64GB Wi-Fi-only model, going up to $649 for the 256GB model. Cellular models are available for $150 more over the base price of each configuration. The second-generation Apple Pencil that works with the iPad mini is available for $129.

How do you use the Insta360 app?

(Chinese: 影石创新科技股份有限公司), doing business as Insta360, is a camera company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, with offices in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Berlin. It makes action cameras, 360-degree cameras, editing software for mobile and desktop and 180-3D cameras.