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How many B 17s were in ww2

How many B 17s were in ww2?

Many surviving examples are painted to represent actual planes that flew in combat. Today, 46 planes survive in complete form, 10 of which are airworthy, and 39 of which reside in the United States.

Where was the B-17 built?

They were built by Boeing in Seattle (BO), Douglas Aircraft Co. (DL) in Long Beach, CA and Vega Aircraft Corp. (VE) in Burbank, CA. Following the end of World War II, the B-17 was quickly phased out of use as a bomber and the Army Air Forces retired most of its fleet.

What altitude did B-17 fly?

Discovery. The aircraft was rediscovered in 1972 in Agaiambo swamp, where it earned the nickname Swamp Ghost. In 1989, the Travis Air Force Base Heritage Center planned to recover it. It was salvaged in 2006 and moved to Lae wharf where it lay waiting for permission to be transferred to the United States.

Has the Swamp Ghost been restored?

Here’s a ghost story that’s more than 70 years in the making: Visitors to Oahu’s Pearl Harbor can now visit a rare World War II bomber called the Swamp Ghost that was lost for decades but is now being restored.

What bombs did the B-17 carry?

Napalm Bombs

Known as Class-C Fire Bombs and with a capacity of 108 US gallons, these bombs were only used in few missions. A B-17 carried four such bombs with tiny igniter units fitted to each tank.

When was the B-17 used?

The rugged B-17 heavy bomber was developed as a strategic bomber in the 1930s. It proved efficient, enough to where it was used in every theater of the war.

Was the B-24 better than the B-17?

The B-24 was a faster plane having a greater range and payload capacity. However, in the ETO, the B-24 operated with the B-17 which constrained the aircraft’s operating speed. The B17 was a sedate aircraft and placed fewer demands on the flight deck crew. The B-17 was also an easier aircraft to fly in formation.

How did B-17 get to England?

It originated at several Army Air Bases in New England, which permitted short range single-engined aircraft to be flown to Britain using a series of intermediate airfields in Newfoundland, Labrador, Greenland and Iceland.

What was the life expectancy of a B-17 crew?

Although such statistics were not circulated among Army Air Forces crews, the average life expectancy of an Eighth Air Force B-17 in late 1943 was 11 missions.

What replaced the B-17?

It was lacking in range, speed, and payload, so the War Department put out a new specification for a four-engine bomber with increased performance to replace the B-17 until a true, long-range bomber could be developed. The contract for the new bomber was awarded to Consolidated Aircraft for its new B-24.

How much does a B-17 cost?

His dream was fulfilled in 2010 through the joint efforts of his family and aircraft salvage enthusiast Alfred Hagen. Nicknamed Swamp Ghost, the B-17E has become an icon of military aviation.

How many b17 were used in Memphis Belle?

Memphis Belle film (1990)

Five airworthy B-17s were used in the filming of the 1990 British-American war drama Memphis Belle. Two were from the US (N-17W), both on display in Seattle: the Movie Memphis Belle (44-83546), and B-17G Sally B from the UK.

Who found the Swamp Ghost?

Taylan said the name Swamp Ghost was coined when Australian troops “rediscovered” the plane on maneuvers 35 years ago. Spotting it from a helicopter, they landed on the plane’s wing and found the semi-submerged aircraft eerily untouched.

What is a ghost plane?

An aircraft in flight which, due to an event which has incapacitated the crew (usually uncontrolled decompression), flies on its last input heading on autopilot until it runs out of fuel and crashes. Examples include: A Cessna 441 which crashed in 1980 carrying Bo Rein.

Can you buy a B-17?

As desirable and rare as a B-17 Flying Fortress WWII bomber is, it’s amazing that they occasionally pop up for sale. Especially in 2022. From the late Paul Allen collection comes this B-17E project which you can buy.

How many gunners does a B-17 have?

It was operated by a crew of 10, including the pilot, copilot, navigator-radioman, bombardier, and gunners.

How far could a B-17 fly?

FUEL CAPACITY: 1,700 gallons RANGE: 1,850 miles. Range could be extended when equipped with “Tokyo Tanks” which provided a total capacity of 3,630 gallons.

Who built B-17?

Developed by the Boeing Company in the 1930s, the B-17 was a four‑engine heavy bomber aircraft used by the U.S. Army Air Force during World War II. It was a very effective weapons system, dropping more bombs during the war than any other American aircraft.

How many B-17 bombers shot down?

The rugged B-17s would often return with many of their working parts shot up, but the Flying Fortress earned its reputation as one of the toughest planes to fly in World War II.

Is a B-24 bigger than a B-17?

The B-24 had a shoulder-mounted high aspect ratio Davis wing. This wing was highly efficient allowing a relatively high airspeed and long range. Compared to the B-17 it had a 6-foot larger wingspan, but a lower wing area. This gave the B-24 a 35% higher wing loading.

Why was B-24 called the flying coffin?

A World War II aircraft unofficially known as a “Flying Coffin” has been found in Italy. The heavy bomber Consolidated B-24 Liberator earned its nickname when crew members found it difficult to fly, thanks to its “stiff and heavy controls,” Discovery News reports.

Why was the B-24 called the flying coffin?

The four-engine aircraft was notorious among aircrews. Officially designated the “Liberator,” the square shaped B-24 could easily turn into a death trap. It was hard to fly with its stiff and heavy controls, and so earned its name by its crews as the “Flying Coffin.”

How many German planes did B-17 shot down?

After the Second Raid on Schweinfurt, USAAF gunners aboard the B-17 bombers claimed to have shot down 138 German fighters. German records show that 38 were lost and 20 were damaged. German fighter pilots claimed they shot down 121 bombers and 1 fighter.

Were B-17s used in the Pacific?

While the B-17s were used in the Pacific, by 1944 the B-29 had replaced the B-17 for use in the Pacific Theater. B-17s were initially intended as a fast, land-based bomber, which could patrol at sea and intercept naval vessels. B-17Cs were the first of the series to see action.

Did B-17 have a tail gunner?

Travis served as a waist gunner on the B-17 Flying Fortress during World War II. There were many missions – or sorties, as they call them – but one nearly cost him his life.

How many B-17 crews completed 25 missions?

Hell’s Angels B-17 Crew

B-17F Hell’s Angels, tail number 41-24577 and crew. The first heavy bomber to complete 25 combat missions in the European Theater, May 13th, 1942. After completing 25 missions, Hell’s Angels remained in theater until 1944 and flew a total of 48 missions without any injured crewmen or abort.

How cold did it get in a B-17?

“It was 60 degrees below zero at 22,000 feet.” Throat microphones allowed them to communicate, while electrically heated suits and gloves helped the crew members deal with the cold.

Was the B-17 used in Korea?

First flown on July 28, 1935, the B-17 went on to become a workhorse of World War II. Powered by four Wright Cyclone R-1820 engines of 1,200 hp, the RB-17 operated in the Korean theater for three months in 1950 before being replaced.

How many B 29s are still flying?

Of the 3,970 built, 26 survive in complete form today, 24 of which reside in the United States, and two of which are airworthy.

What engines were on a B-17?

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Are any of the crew of the Memphis Belle still alive?

Robert Hanson, the last surviving crew member of the famed Memphis Belle B-17 bomber of World War Two, has died of congestive heart failure. He was 85. Hanson and his wife, Irene, had moved from Arizona to Albuquerque recently to be close to their daughter.

Is the movie Memphis Belle a true story?

Based on a true story, the film concerns the famous B-17 bomber Memphis Belle, which delivered 25 successful missions before the plane and its sterling crew retired from the skies. Big and slow, the B-17 delivered twice the payload of its predecessor.

Can the Memphis Belle still fly?

The Liberty Foundation’s B-17 “Memphis Belle” is one of only 13 B-17’s that still fly today. The B-17, dubbed the “Flying Fortress” as a result of her defensive fire power, saw action in every theater of operation during World War II.

How did the Swamp Ghost crash?

The airplane suffered numerous hits and eventually crash-landed in Papua New Guinea – not because of the damage to the airplane, but because it ran out of fuel. Eaton and his men were on their way back to base at Long Reach in Queensland, Australia, but they crashed into Agaimbo Swamp on February 23, 1942.

Do pilots breathe the same air as passengers?

No, they do not. The pilots in the flight deck zone receive 100% fresh conditioned air directly from the left pack. The rest of the conditioned left pack air will be collected in the mix manifold for distribution for passengers.

Why do they put oxygen masks on planes?

The masks provide oxygen to passengers in emergencies up to 40,000 feet, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. When cabin pressure drops in a plane, passengers need the masks in order to receive a sufficient flow of oxygen.

Why do oxygen masks drop in planes?

If oxygen deficiency continues over a long enough period of time, it can cause unconsciousness, permanent brain damage or even death. So, in order to keep everyone maintained with enough oxygen, the masks fall down and provide a personal flow.

How many B-17s exist today?

Between 1935 and May 1945, 12,732 B-17s were produced. Of these aircraft, 4,735 were lost during combat missions. At one time, more than 1,000 B-17s could be assembled for mass combat missions. Today, fewer than 100 B-17 airframes exist and fewer still are in airworthy condition.

How many crew members does a B-17 have?

The B-17 could hold a crew of ten. The pilot, co-pilot, bombardier and navigator, as commissioned officers, were seated at the front of the plane, with the navigator positioned at a desk below the cockpit.