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How do you know what size pop rivet to get

How do you know what size pop rivet to get?

The length of the rivet should be equal to the thickness of both objects you are fastening, plus 1.5 times the diameter of the rivet’s stem. For example, a 1/2-inch diameter rivet being used to fasten two one-inch thick plates will have to be 2 3/4 inches long.

Do pop rivets come in different sizes?

Key points. Invented in 1934, pop rivets give users to ability to place a rivet from one side of the material. Hole size, body length, grip range, and head size must be properly measured to determine the proper size for pop rivets. Pop rivets come in many styles, including closed-end, open-end, micro, and multi-grip.

What diameter are pop rivets?

A size 68 rivet has a 6/32-inch body diameter and an 8/16-inch grip length. The rivet’s length should equal the thickness of the fastened objects. Then, add 1.5 times the length of the diameter of the rivet’s stem to arrive at your measurement.

What size is a #10 rivet?

The first number in the trade size refers to the diameter of the rivet in 32nds of an inch. The second number(s) refers to the maximum grip length in 16ths of an inch. So, a trade size 45 rivet dimensions are 4/32” (1/8”) diameter with a 5/16” maximum grip range.

What is the smallest diameter pop rivet?

Considered to be some of the smallest POP rivets, POP Micro Rivets are 2mm diameter open-end rivets that offer quick assembly for applications with very tiny spaces.

What is the difference between pop rivet and blind rivet?

A blind rivet is a rivet that can be completely installed from one side, unlike machine screws and nuts, which requires access to both sides of the material. Blind rivets are also known as “pop” rivets because POP® is one brand of blind rivets.

Can a pop rivet be too long?

If the grip is too long, the cost of the rivet will be unnecessarily high and the rivet may interfere with blind-side clearance. Blind-side clearance is the distance from the underside of the rivet head to the end of the mandrel before setting.

What is a riveter tool?

A riveter is a manual tool that is used to install blind rivets, usually to fasten two or more pieces of material together. A blind rivet is a permanent fastener that consists of a head, a cylindrical body and a mandrel – a long pin that goes through the hollow body.

What is the largest rivet size?

The 1/8-inch diameter by 3/8-inch Aluminum Pop Rivet is a multi-purpose aluminum fastener that is used throughout your aluminum gutter project to connect any gutter accessory to another. Pop rivets are a low-profile professional fastener and are less visible than #8 by 1/2-inch gutter screws.

How do rivet sizes work?

The first number refers to the diameter of the rivet in 32nds of an inch. The second number refers to the maximum grip length in 16ths of an inch. Therefore a size 45 rivet is 4/32″ (1/8″) diameter with a 5/16″ maximum grip range.

How big is a #9 rivet?

DIMENSIONS OF THE RIVET – Head = 1/2″, Tube Diameter = 5/32″ (4mm), It is a number 9 size.

What size rivets can you get?

The diameter of a rivet is indicated in 32nds of an inch. 4=4/32″ or 1/8″, 12=12/32″ or 3/8″, etc.

What size is a #33 drill bit?

To accommodate these rivet sizes you must use what are known as numbered drill bits. A #40 drill bit is used for 3/32″ rivets, and a #30 drill bit is used with 1/8″ rivets.

How small are rivets?

There are four basic types of rivets; tubular, blind, solid and split.

How much weight can a pop rivet hold?

McMaster rates pop rivets in tensile strength as well as shear strength. A 3/16″ aluminum blind pop rivet has a shear strength of 310lbs and a tensile strength of 500lbs.

Why is it called a blind rivet?

What is a Blind Rivet? A revolutionary fastener, the blind rivet is so named because it can be installed when you don’t have access to—or can’t see—the back side of the item being riveted.

What size drill bit do you use for a 1/8 inch rivet?

In other words, a 1/8 in rivet is going to work fine in a hole that is 9/64 for example.

What are the strongest pop rivets?

Multi-Grip Rivets.

The multi-grip is our strongest standard rivet choice, for many this rivet helps reduce stock options as one multi-grip rivet replaces a few different size open end rivets.

Do you use washers with rivets?

Rivet Backup Washers are for use with Pop (Blind) Rivets, particularly in Stainless Steel or other soft metals. Rivet Backup Washers create a larger installed diameter which creates a larger surface area and prevents pull through by distributing force over a larger area than a standard blind rivet.

Was Rosie the riveter real person?

Based in small part on a real-life munitions worker, but primarily a fictitious character, the strong, bandanna-clad Rosie became one of the most successful recruitment tools in American history, and the most iconic image of working women in the World War II era.

How do you use a pop riveter?

A pop rivet is then inserted through the drilled hole and the rivet body is brought into contact with the parts. A pop rivet gun is placed on the rivet, pulling the mandrel into the rivet body, causing it to expand and grip the parts to be joined. Once gripped, the mandrel snaps, permanently holding the rivet in place.

Are all rivet guns the same?

While not all rivet guns were made equal, it is easy to identify the type of rivet gun needed for an application. Read along as we cover the pros and cons of each type or riveter. Hand powered POP rivet guns work with a simple lever and squeeze technique.

What size hole do you drill for a 3/16 rivet?

Diameter: 3/16 in. Grip Range: 0.626 – 0.750 in. Head Diameter: 0.375 in. Hole Size: 0.192 – 0.196 in.

What does grip range mean on a rivet?

Grip Range – the rivet grip range refers to the total thickness of the materials to be joined. The grip range capability of each blind rivet is listed in a table see page 2. It is recommended practice to select a rivet with a grip range within the limits of the total material thickness.

Are rivets waterproof?

Solid rivets consist simply of a shaft and head that are deformed with a hammer or rivet gun. A rivet compression or crimping tool can also deform this type of rivet. This tool is mainly used on rivets close to the edge of the fastened material, since the tool is limited by the depth of its frame.

What is rivet spacing?

Rivet Spacing. Rivet spacing is measured between the centerlines of rivets in the same row. The minimum spacing between protruding head rivets shall not be less than 31⁄2 times the rivet diameter.

Which is bigger #9 or #12 rivet?

Yes providing the diameter of the #12 rivet shaft is the same size in diameter or slightly larger than the diameter of the #9 rivet shaft.

How big is a #12 rivet?

Dimensions: Head Diameter: 9.5mm (0.37″) Post Diameter: 3.5mm (0.13″) Burr Diameter: 9mm (0.36″)

How are double cap rivets measured?

The rivets are measured by the cap diameter and the post length as you will see below.

Which rivet is considered a universal head rivet?

The universal head rivet carries a designation of MS20470 and is used to replace the round head, flathead, and brazier head rivets. The universal head rivet and the 100 degree countersunk head rivet (MS20426) are the most widely used within our industry.

How do you identify an ad rivet?

AD – Letters following head type code indicate material: A=1100(2S) Aluminum, AD=2117-T4(A17ST), etc. 4 – First numbers after material code indicate diameter of rivet in 32nds of an inch. 4=4/32″ or 1/8″, 12=12/32″ or 3/8″, etc.

What size is a number 44 drill bit?

Description. The #44 drill bit (. 086 inch OD) is the standard bit used for nail axles from Cub Scout kits and other kits. It can be used to drill axle holes, or to create pilot holes in the standard axle slots.

Is 3/8 drill bit the same as 10mm?

bit, though. 3/8″ bits have a nominal size being just ever so slightly under 10mm. You can’t drill a hole of any size and put something in it the same size. It must be a bit smaller than the hole you drill.

What size is a number 25 drill?

You will need a 9/16” drill bit for 3/8” nutserts.

How do you make a rivet hole?

Even though some jeans don’t have rivets at all—and even though most jeans wearers in the 21st century don’t really need the durability that rivets offer—it’s still there because it’s become a defining feature of jeans.

What are the different types of rivets?

The general types of rivets are solid, blind, tubular, and metal piercing (including split rivets).

What is a buck rivet?

A bucked rivet is a round fastener that attaches two or more pieces of metal together. The rivet is driven by a rivet gun (a specialized pneumatic hammer) with an attached rivet set (strike surface) shaped to match the rounded shape of the manufactured head of the rivet.

What is pop riveting?

Pop riveting is a technique that is used to join thin pieces of metal and it can also be used to join plastic sheet. The rivet has two parts; the pin and the rivet.

Which type of rivet is most widely used?

Solid rivets may be the most common type of rivet. They are versatile and simple to install, and are often used in applications where reliability and safety are important. They can be made of aluminum, copper, brass, steel, titanium, and nickel-based alloys.