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How do I remove a N55 fuel injector


How do I remove a N55 fuel injector?

The injectors in the N55’s usually last well over 200K miles.

Do N55 injectors need to be coded?

EU6 motors like the S55, or newer N55’s does not need it to be coded. Anyone who has coded it did not follow the procedures. ISTA-D clearly states EU6 cars do not need injector to be coded. You use the basevalue that was pre-programmed in the car, and the DME does the rest.

Is changing fuel injectors hard?

Replacing a fuel injector seems like a daunting project, but with a little skill you can do the job yourself and save serious money. Shops charge a huge amount for fuel injection work. If you know that you have a bad injector, the job can be done at home.

How do you remove stubborn fuel injectors?

If you see a small metal clip that looks like a staple, use a small flathead screwdriver to remove or depress the clip. Then, while wearing gloves, grasp the injector and work back and forth while pulling to remove from the fuel rail. The injector and rail will drip, so have shop towels ready.

Are N55 and N54 injectors the same?

N54 injectors are theorized to be able to support ~3000whp. N55 injectors should have similar capacity. They just use a different injection style but the overall dimensions and capacity of the pencil style injector itself are similar.

What happens if you don’t code injectors?

Non start – In newer systems if you do not code in the injectors the vehicle will not start. Poor / lumpy running – as the injectors are not coded, the ECU will carry on fuelling as if the previous injector was still present, which can cause poor performance.

Are N43 and N53 injectors the same?

Those injectors are different and go upto index 12. The N43/53 latest is 11. The TIS for N53 is more stringent !- the injector model is the same for N53 except they have now have Index 12 for N54 only – the document was provided for reference for Injector BANK assignment and not mixing indexes with 11.

How do you test a BMW injector?

The symptoms of a stuck-open or incompletely closing fuel injector are quite different than an injector that is completely dead or partially clogged. In this case, there may be an odor of unburned fuel in the engine compartment, coming through the vents, or even out of the tail pipe.

How often should you change spark plugs N55?

In most modern BMWs, manufactured after 2010 with the N20 or N55 engines, it is required to change spark plugs every 60,000 miles. For BMWs with V8, V10, or N54 or N63 engines, 37000 miles are the threshold before getting new spark plugs.

Is the N55 engine reliable?

N55 Reliability

Despite the many misconceptions that BMW’s as a whole are unreliable, the BMW N55 is actually a fairly reliable engine. The four most common problems with the N55 are, in no specific order, the valve cover and gasket, water pump, oil filter housing gasket, and VANOS solenoids.

Is N55 direct injection?

The new N55 is the first BMW inline-6 to combine turbocharging, High Precision direct fuel injection, and Valvetronic variable intake technology. It features a single, mid-sized turbocharger with a “twin-scroll” housing to boost performance and minimize the response lag.

Is it necessary to code injectors?

Coding an injector is a vital part of the testing and repairing of injectors, and provides an essential connection between the physical injector firing events and the digital Electronic Control Unit (ECU) of the vehicle’s engine.

How much does it cost to replace injectors on a BMW?

Generally, replacing fuel injectors can cost anywhere from $800 to $1500 depending on the repairs and labor costs. New fuel injector parts can cost anywhere between $600-$1200. To that, expect to pay about $200-$250 in labor charges.

Do you have to program new fuel injectors?

Changing to a new fuel injector requires you to code the new injectors to make them work properly with your vehicle.

How many hours does it take to replace fuel injectors?

The labor rate also varies depending on where you take your car, as well as where you live. In general, a fuel injector replacement should take 1 to 2 hours.

What is the lifespan of a fuel injector?

Typically, the fuel injectors will work properly up to 50,000 – 100,000 miles, after which a replacement becomes necessary. When you have installed state-of-the-art ford racing injectors, you can prolong their life by following some simple maintenance practices.

Is it better to clean or replace fuel injectors?

The injector should only require regular chemical cleaning when usable for a long time. There is not an immediate need for a new fuel injection pump; unless it was contaminated with fuel it doesn’t require a replacement. As a precaution, all filters should be replaced.

How do you tell if an injector is stuck open?

Without getting too technical, the injectors that deliver the fuel to the combustion chamber can leak or become stuck in the open position. This means too much fuel in the engine that needs to burn off and be expelled. This is seen as gray or white smoke from the exhaust.

Can you change just one fuel injector?

Unless you need to fix other things that may be causing your fuel injector to fail (which is usually the case), replacing only one will do little good and cost time and money. If the car is old and you have the budget, replacing all of them can help you avoid future problems.

How do I remove a fuel injector connector?

Thanks to the N54’s twin turbos and forged internals, it is the more capable engine mod-for-mod. However, the N55 has proven to be the more reliable engine. N54’s are notorious for their common problems, especially early on, but these issues are currently resolved.

Is the B58 better than the N55?

As you can see, from very early on the B58 has big gains over the N55 which it holds right through the rev range. As you can see, the B58 has a very similar boost curve, but makes around 4PSI more than the N55 across virtually the whole rev range.

Do I have EU5 or EU6 injectors?

EU5 injectors should only be replaced with EU5 injectors, and EU6 with EU6. Supposedly the only way to identify them is by reading the label on the injector. Index numbers are N54 only. You can identify which eu version your injectors are using rheingold/ista-d.

Do new fuel injectors need calibration?

Do You Need To Calibrate Fuel Injectors? Fuel injectors aren’t always need for calibrating, but engines contain many fluids throughout the engine and each one should flow the same amount, so they must be thoroughly inspected before they can be shipped to the factory to ensure proper passage.

How do you reprogram injectors?

Unplug the electrical connector from the fuel injector you want to test. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position. Touch the terminals (one at a time) of the harness connector with the test light. One of the terminals should make the test light glow, this is the injector power source coming from the computer.

When did index 11 injectors come out?

Thanks for the replies, and for the heads up about refurbishing. I’d like used but “original and working” index 11 injectors. Index 11 came out in 2014 from what I can gather, this is only based on when people started talking about them online as BMW parts desks can’t give me a definitive date.

Can you put fuel injector cleaner in a BMW?

BMW’s fuel system cleaner is a rebranding of the Chevron Techron fuel injector cleaner. To answer the question directly, yes, BMW’s fuel injector cleaner actually works because it is the same product formula as Chevron Techron, one of the most highly rated cleaners for BMW fuel injectors.

What are the symptoms of a leaking fuel injector?

It’s called calibrating the injectors and yea it mandatory. Each injector is different and it would be cheaper if you wrote down the 6 digits so the shop (whomever you choose) doesn’t have to pull the engine cover to get them. The code is based on the piezo crystals inside it.

How do you clean diesel injectors?

The best way to clean fuel injectors on a regular basis is to use a diesel fuel cleaner additive. This can be added to the fuel tank periodically to cycle through your engine. If done regularly, maybe once or twice a month, it can keep gunk and debris from building up in your fuel injection system.

Can a stuck open injector damage an engine?

With stuck open fuel injectors, the cylinder in the combustion process will be deprived of the much-needed fuel. If you drive, the engine will have to operate and complete cycles without adequate fuel to burn. This will cause hiccups as it tries to compensate.

How often should diesel injectors be replaced?

How Often Do Fuel Injectors Need to Be Replaced? As a general rule, diesel fuel injectors will need to be replaced between 150,000 to 250,000 miles. For the best performance, they should be inspected by a professional every 50,000 miles. This will obviously vary depending on how you take care of your engine.

Can fuel injectors get stuck closed?

N55 Turbo Longevity at 20 PSI

However, it is possible for N55 turbos to last 50,000 miles at 23psi, for example. On the other hand, the stock turbo may decide to let go much sooner even at 20psi. It’s part of the risk you need to accept in pushing the N55 turbo towards its limits.

How many miles do N55 engines last?

A BMW N55 engine typically lasts anywhere from 12,000-18,000 miles. After extensive servicing and repairing, the engine is likely to last very well. If you’re driving in over 200,000 miles, most N55 internal components should be able to remain robust.

How long do BMW N55 engines last?

How long will a BMW N55 engine last? The BMW N55 motor should have no problem lasting over 150,000 miles, and some owners report getting over 250,000 miles out of their engines.

How much HP can N55 handle?

The N55 can handle around 550whp and 550wtq on the stock engine block and internals.

Does N55 burn oil?

n55 do burn oil, but for me it’s like nothing, since my audi burn 1L every 5000km or so. Which is ”normal” for a audi…. since there’s no dip stick, its hard to evaluate. I put ”around” 5L , and the sensor does not tell if its 100% full, or 110% or 90%.

Do N55s get wastegate rattle?

Talked to Seattle BMW shop foreman.. “oh yeah.. absolutely N55s have waste gate rattle like the N54s did, EWG hasn’t changed that.”

Is N55 interference engine?

The N55 in your BMW is an interference engine, meaning that if the timing chain were to fail your engine would suffer catastrophic damage due to valvetrain components colliding with each other.

What turbo does the N55 have?

While direct injection was previously more common in diesel engines, gasoline direct injection (GDI or DI) has taken the automotive industry by storm over the last decade. Although BMW used direct injection in airplane engines in the 1930’s they did not implement DI until the mid 2000’s.

What happens if you don’t code injectors BMW?

Non start – In newer systems if you do not code in the injectors the vehicle will not start. Poor / lumpy running – as the injectors are not coded, the ECU will carry on fuelling as if the previous injector was still present, which can cause poor performance.