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How do I connect my Cowin apex earbuds

How do I connect my Cowin apex earbuds?

Open the charging case and remove the earbuds. The left and right earbud automatically power on and pair, Until the left LED indicator light off, the right LED indicator light flashes in green, the earbuds pairing successful. Open the device Bluetooth search “COWIN Apex Pro” and click to finish connect.

How do I pair my Cowin Bluetooth earbuds?

Only one earbud worked.

Earbuds are currently or had already been connected to a Bluetooth device, click forget or remove “COWIN Apex Elite” from your Bluetooth settings and turn off your device Bluetooth settings.

How do you turn on Cowin earbuds?

Put Apex Connect into Bluetooth pairing mode by simultaneously pressing the PTT and buttons and holding for 2 seconds, then release. The Bluetooth LED on the Apex Connect will be blinking Blue. Bluetooth pairing is successful when the Bluetooth LED is solid blue on Apex Connect.

Why won’t my Cowin E7 headphones connect?

Why My Bluetooth Headphone Is Not Connecting? Your Bluetooth devices may not be able to connect if they are out of range or not in pairing mode. Try resetting your devices or having them “forget” the connection if you’re having persistent Bluetooth problems.

Why won’t my Cowin headphones connect?

Verify if your headphones are connected to a different device. If your headphones still do not connect, it might be that they are connected to another device. To disconnect them please hold down the LED on the right side until you hear a beep, then the Cowin headphones will be ready to pair to the new device.

How do I put my Cowin E7 in pairing mode?

Press the POWER button to enter into pairing mode. Press the button for two seconds if the computer is the first Bluetooth device you’re pairing to your device. Press the button for seven seconds if the computer is the second Bluetooth device you’re pairing to your device.

How do I connect my Cowin E7 to my phone?

Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Bluetooth settings and set up Bluetooth on your device. Turn on Bluetooth by checking the box next to it. You will see a list of Bluetooth devices. You can connect to your COWIN product by tapping it in the list.

How do I charge my apex earbuds?


Place the earbuds into the charging case in their correct orientation, making sure the charging points make contact. A red light on the earbuds will indicate they are being charged. A blue light on the earbuds will indicate when they are fully charged. Blue light will go off after 60 seconds.

How do you charge Cowin earbuds?

How do you charge Cowin e7 headphones? The E7 Headphones are charged by plugging the micro USB into the bottom of the left Ear-cup, then plugging the other end into any USB port, Laptop, Wall Transformer. You can tell the Headphones are Charged by the little Orange light under the Left Ear Cup.

How do you check a Cowin E7 battery?


The LED light on the back of the right earcup will be blinking blue. This will indicate the current battery level and activate noise-cancelling and Bluetooth mode. The LED light on the back of the right earcup will be blinking blue.

How do I pair my apex pod to my phone?

The APEX Pod is a wearable device that is used to measure the performance of elite athletes. The APEX unit consists of a ST Microelectronics Cortex-M7 central processing unit, with several different sensors to measure and record, via onboard storage, different characteristics of an elite athlete’s performance.

Does Cowin E7 work with iPad?

They pair with mobile device like Iphone and Android. They should pair with an iPad Pro. They come with a cable to plug directly too. There is a switch on them to turn on active noise canceling.

How do I connect my Cowin E7 headphones to my Samsung TV?

The Cowin E7 have an integrated microphone. The integrated microphone has a mediocre recording quality.

How long do Cowin headphones last?

With more than 7,700 5-star reviews on Amazon, the Cowin E7s are highly rated for their sound quality, solid build, and battery life (up to 30 hours of playtime per charge).

How do I know when my earbuds are fully charged?

Check the status of the earbuds by looking at the earbuds’ battery indicator light. The case can be charged without inserting the earbuds; when they are inserted, the earbuds and case will charge simultaneously. Red: Charging. Green: Fully charged.

How do I know when my headphones are charged?

The indicator light will turn on when the battery is charging. It may take up to 1 minute for the light to turn on. 3. When the headset’s battery is fully charged (about 2-3 hours), the indicator light will turn off.

Why are my e7 headphones not charging?

Ensure your Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. Ensure your Tracker is fully charged. Turn the Tracker on. Proceed to sync/configure your Tracker.

How do you use Apex Athlete Series?

To switch active heroes on our site, set them as your showcase hero and then hit the “force update” button on your stats page (on Apex Tracker). You can find this under the “Add Legend” tab. It might take a minute or two to refresh the page. Here are my updated stats after I unlocked some stat trackers on my banner.

Where do I find the 4 digit code on Apex pod?

To initialize the Apex to factory settings press and hold the button until the status LED turns RED (about 30 seconds), then release the reset button.

What is Apex vest?


The all-new performance vest has been developed and tested by high-level elite stars including Kane, Sterling, Foden, Morgan and Rapinoe. Developed for both male and female athletes. This is your Apex GPS tracker’s new best friend.

How much is the apex pod?

Package includes GPS Performance Pod, Apex Vest (worth $39.99) and Athlete Series App. Compare live data with your friends and see how you rank against the pros with your own unique Pro Score.

What does Statsport measure?

The app tracks 16 metrics across three key areas of volume, speed and cardio. Accelerations & Decelerations – A simple count of how many times you accelerated over 3m/s².

What is HMLD?

HMLD is an acronym for STATSports’ custom metric, High Metabolic Load Distance. It is a metric which measures the total amount of high speed running an athlete does, coupled with the total distance of accelerations and decelerations throughout a session.

How do you put earbuds in pairing mode?

Established in 2006, Cowin Electronics is a professional manufacturer of speakers located in Guangdong, China. With a branch office in Hong Kong and a subsidiary company in Shenzhen, we have built our own brands – Mighty Dwarf and Cowin.

How do you remove Cowin e7 ear pads?

Since the earpads are attached with a bit of adhesive, all it takes is a good hold on the headphone and a tug on the ear cup to tear the old one off. Then it’s as simple as peeling the backing off the new pad and sticking it on.

Where are Cowin headphones made?

Established in 2006, Cowin Electronics is a professional manufacturer of speakers located in Guangdong, China.

How long does it take for earbuds to charge?

It takes approximately 2 hours to fully recharge the earbuds. If the battery is low, you will gain up to 1 hour of battery by charging them in the charging case for 10 to 20 minutes. Plug the charging case into a USB power supply or certified wall charger.

How do I check the battery life on my wireless earbuds?

On average, most wireless over-ear headphone batteries can take between 2 to 5 hours to fully charge. On the other hand, wireless in-ear headphone batteries can take about 1 to 3 hours to fully charge and can last up to about 20 hours before needing to be charged again.

Why are my Cowin headphones beeping?

The Corwin headphones beep when the battery is low. The pair I have, after you do a full charge, will beep every 2-3 minutes to indicate that they are charged? The chattiness of the beeps is … see more. The Corwin headphones beep when you turn them on.

How do you sync sports stats?

Brandon “Aceu” Winn has been around since the start of Apex and has become one of the best Apex players out there. Back in his competitive days, he alongside his teammates help build the NRG name in Apex. With top placements in ton of the early LAN events of Apex, Aceu had become a fan favorite player.

Where do I find Apex stats?

To check your current Apex Legends stats, make your way to the Legends menu and select a character. Then select the Banner option and scroll down until you reach the Tracker 1, Tracker 2, and Tracker 3 on the left-hand column. Here you will be able to view the stats for your currently selected character.

How do I connect my Apex Legends tracker?

Add Legend Information

In-game, change your default legend to the legend you want to add to the site, hit “Force Update” when ready. You can do this by selecting them on the Legends menu, to change or update the stats shown on this page, you have to set the trackers to the stats you want to show.

How do I turn off Apex stats?

Open the charging case and remove the earbuds. The left and right earbud automatically power on and pair, Until the left LED indicator light off, the right LED indicator light flashes in green, the earbuds pairing successful. Open the device Bluetooth search “COWIN Apex Pro” and click to finish connect.

How do you set up apex Neptune?

If it’s Fusion, use a web browser to go to On that screen, click the Forgot Login link and follow the instructions. If you need to reset your apex. local password, you will need to press and hold the reset button for at least 30 seconds until the Apex resets.

How do you set up apex on Neptune?

The vest holds a small GPS pod which sits between the player’s shoulder blades. The players also wear a heart rate strap that goes across their chest. These two bits of technology measure data to the accuracy of 10 points per second providing information on distance traveled and heart rate.

How much is STATSports worth?

Irish sports tech firm valued at €200m-plus as Oxlade-Chamberlain also backs company. Newry-based sports tech company StatSports is weighing a flotation in about two years’ time, at which point it expects to be worth in excess of £1 billion (€1.15 billion).

What is it apex Athlete Series GPS performance tracker?

Apex Athlete Series, the FIFA Approved GPS Tracker is the most advanced wearable tech on the market, which allows you to Track and Analyse your game like the Pro’s. Make yourself fitter, faster and stronger than ever before.

How do I reset my apex pod?

STATSports was founded by Alan and Sean O’Connor in 2008 with a pitchside conversation about how teams should use fitness testing equipment to help improve their performances.