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Does it matter what kind of duck decoys you use

Does it matter what kind of duck decoys you use?

A decoy spread should be assembled with a specific use in mind. There are no absolutes in using decoys. Some guidelines will apply most of the time, but decoy numbers, size, species, movement, etc., are all subjective in nature. If a spread is working, no matter how different or offbeat it might be, stick with it.

Are foam filled decoys better?

This is really a matter of opinion. A great foam or cork decoy wrapped in burlap will last you the rest of your life! A standard plastic decoy will have more feather detail and be more realistic.

What is the most realistic duck decoy?

Higdon Outdoors Standard Pintail Duck Decoys – Six-Pack

Add some welcoming variety to your spread, the Standard Pintail Duck Decoy delivers all of the durability and realism you expect from Higdon Outdoors. Highly detailed painting process creates incredible realism that fools even the wariest of birds.

Do duck decoys float away?

Field Decoys

Since not all duck hunting is done over water, not all decoys are made to float. Many hunters successfully bag limits over corn and other feed fields, requiring a different type of decoy.

Will ducks fly over goose decoys?

In fact, he will sometimes hunt ducks over nothing but Canada goose decoys. “Goose decoys draw ducks, but geese rarely come in to just a spread of duck decoys, so it can’t hurt to use both,” said Hudnall, of Westport, Kentucky.

Are expensive decoys worth it?

“The reason valuable decoys are so valuable is because 90 percent of them were repainted or had their heads broken off, so the ones that are left in good condition are the best ones and go for high prices.” According to Guyette, most of the decoys he sees in appraisals are worth about $100.

Are Higdon Decoys good?

If you’re looking for lightweight, packable, and affordable decoy there’s no better place than Higdon. You can use them on their own, pack them into your favorite public spot, or to add numbers and variety to any spread. They are a great addition to any duck hunter’s gear pack and will last for years to come.

Are fully flocked decoys worth it?

“Flocking absorbs light and reduces the sheen and reflection you see on a standard decoy,” he says. “It’s especially effective when it’s sunny or there is a light mist. Flocking won’t shine like plastic will.” Flocked decoys can add an extra degree of realism to your spread.

What does Eva mean in decoys?

At GSD, we want our customers to be happy, no, excited about their new GSD decoys. Now having that attention to detail, We recommend taking a few minutes to inflate after packaging, your EVA decoys. I will refrain from boring you with the chemical components to EVA. Eva is a flexible sort of rubberized plastic.

Are GHG decoys good?

they work well. Keep your decoys protected and distribute weight evenly. They also allow for your hands to be free as you walk so carrying a spinner pole or your gun is easy.

Do you need weights on duck decoys?

unless you’re hunting moving water (a river for example) or big water that’s prone to high winds, the 4 oz. weights should be plenty.

How many decoys do I need for specks?

Specks can be effectively hunted over 6-12 decoys with a single, talented caller. These geese will also flirt with duck decoys or a combo setup if the hunters are well hidden and still. Experience shows there is a difference between duck hunt still and goose hunt still.

Does duck decoy size matter?

Ducks have no size consistency, meaning, to a duck, there’s no difference between a big decoy or a small decoy. The only practical difference is that the bigger decoys can be seen from further away, and they stand out better against the background.

Should you mix duck decoys?

As a new hunter interested in hunting puddle ducks, you’re in luck. Most of these species will usually approach a set of mallard decoys alone, so you don’t need to invest a ton of money right off the bat. But it definitely won’t hurt to mix a few other puddle duck decoys into your spread.

How far apart should duck decoys be?

One of the common mistakes in laying out long lines is placing your decoys too closely together. Set them about 10 yards apart; any closer and you increase the risk that incoming ducks will land in the line, short of where you want them.

Do mojos scare geese?

Mojos are like goose repellant.

Are Dave Smith turkey decoys worth the money?

DSDs are well worth the money. Once you experience a hunt with them you will never go back. I had a Tom on my decoys this year for 42 minutes. He was so in love with my submissive he wouldnt leave.

What is the most expensive duck decoy ever sold?

In 2007 Christie’s sold the world’s most expensive duck decoy, modelled on a red-breasted merganser hen, for $856,000. ‘The most wonderful thing about this decoy,’ Rosenberg continues, ‘is that it wasn’t created for humans to admire, but for other ducks — the intention being to fool them into landing on the water.

How can you tell a mason duck decoy?

Mason’s Premiers were the highest grade decoy offered by the company (Fig. 3). They are characterized by a carved notch on the top of the bill and scored outlines that separate the bill from the face, and by a “nail” incised on the end of the bill.

Where are Higdon Decoys made?

While manufacturing accelerated in China, Higdon Outdoors perked along in Paducah.

How long do flocked decoys last?

Durability: Flocking with the adhesive that comes with the kit, which is about the same adhesive used on store bought flocked heads and decoys, will hold up 3 to 4 seasons.

What is a fully flocked decoy?

The flocked surfaces absorb light similar to the way that feathers do, giving a more realistic appearance. This is especially the case in direct sun that can create an unrealistic glare off painted decoys. But premium flocked decoys usually come with a premium price tag.

What makes a good duck decoy?

Consider magnum type decoys for better visibility from passing bird and foam-filled decoys for their durability. Rigging with heavy 6 or 8 ounce weights will ensure your decoys will remain in place even in gusty winds and big waves.

What is a good duck call?

Elite Duck Calls – Edge

The Elite Edge is a double reed call that combines great volume and range with ease of operation. The Edge has a deeper tone and is raspier than other double reed calls, creating classic ducky sounds usually only found in single reed calls.

How are plastic duck decoys made?

A hopper above the machine feeds plastic pellets into the mold where they are heated, melted and then blown into the mold within the machine. Here is the finished mold. It’s ready to be trimmed, painted, keel-filled and then it will get its head attached. All of G&H’s decoys are painted and assembled by hand.

How do you rig floating duck decoys?

To rig single decoys, simply fasten the line to the weights, and then fasten the line to the decoys, and throw them out. Most decoys have holes in both ends of the keel. I like to tie two out of each dozen in the back hole so all the decoys don’t face in the same direction, adding more variety to the spread.

What are the lightest duck decoys?

ULTRALIGHT, UNSINKABLE, UNBREAKABLE. Molded entirely from EVA foam, our FlexFloat line pulls double duty as both the LIGHTEST and most DURABLE decoy on the market.

How heavy should weights be for duck decoys?

To directly answer your question concerning lead weights, 3-6 ounces will usually do the trick, depending upon where you hunt. Multiply 4 ounces by 3 dozen decoys…that is 9 pounds of weight, just from lead. I always buy the thin, flat weights at Sportsmans (available in bulk), they work for me.

Do Mallard silhouettes work?

Mallard Silhouette Motion –

At certain angles, a silhouette is seen and then when directly over the decoy it disappears. They give a flashing motion which ducks will be fooled by. They also create really solid shadows which full body decoys can sometimes not give off.

How do you hunt specks?

Many hunters use white trash bags filled with rice straw or white rags staked down with wooden pegs. Spreads of 500 or more aren’t unusual, and most hunters supplement the makeshift decoys with a few wind socks, silhouettes, shells and full-bodied decoys that look like white-fronts.

What is a speck duck?

Description. Produced with ducks bred estensively by Hungarian breeders and fed with no genetically modified food and without the use of animal flour. Appearance. Two duck breasts one on top of the other, very simular to a trentino speck for the presenze of lean and fatty meat and the method of smoking and maturing.

Is 12 goose decoys enough?

Bartz says, “Sometimes when birds have had a lot of pressure, a small spread will work better than a large spread. I’ve done great with 12 decoys per hunter. It takes this many to conceal a hunter in a layout blind.

Can you hunt ducks without decoys?

Many people believe that it is absolutely necessary to have decoys to be able to duck hunt. Although having decoys often does not hurt your ability to harvest your limit of ducks, and oftentimes it helps, with some planning it is possible to still bag ducks when duck hunting without decoys.

How many goose silhouettes do I need?

“When geese commit to a spread of eight decoys, they’re right there,” he said. “Everybody’s going to get a shot at them because the birds aren’t spread (out) across the decoys. With 100 decoys, the birds can land on the left side. They can land on the right side.

Are black duck decoys worth it?

Black or dark-colored decoys stand out better. They’re easier for passing ducks to see, so I add these in to increase my spread’s visibility. “Also, sometimes I put out a couple of pairs of shovelers, maybe some pintails and some teal.

Do ducks like goose decoys?

“Goose decoys will bring your spread alive, but they still have to look relaxed to be natural. Use mostly resters and sleepers. They’re the ultimate confidence decoy for both ducks and geese.

Do duck decoys attract ducks?

Ducks are rather visual creatures, and tend to follow their peers. Placing a decoy duck pair in the water will make it seem more attractive to ducks passing by, or at the very least pique their curiosity enough that they’ll check it out since they think that other ducks are there.

Do ducks land into the wind?

Like airplanes, ducks and geese approach their landing areas by flying into the wind. They cup their wings to create drag, and then touch down feet first. When setting out decoys, always make sure to position yourself with your back to the wind or coming from an angled direction over one shoulder.

How do you use a floating decoy in the field?

Color Perception

They see reds, greens, yellows, and blues more vibrantly–thanks to their retinas–plus an extra set of cones allows them to see ultraviolet radiation. This gives them exceptional light sensitivity; as a result, shine and glare are the duck hunter’s enemy.