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SinoArt Longbow 58" Horsebow Review

SinoArt Longbow 58" Horsebow Review

Longbows are used for much traditional hunting. These are good for jungle hunting, giving a much rawer experience to your hobbies. The longbow does not have multiple attachments to it and is a one-piece bow that is practical the same height as the user. These bows have been used in warfare and date back to the bronze age. With much time spent in the development of the longbow, its art has been mastered by technically a much-trained company which is SinoArt. image to see more on Amazon


The longbow from SinoArt is a straightforward one-piece bow that has a perfect throw and resilience. This is great for new archers who are trying to get a good understanding of how to arch. These bows are an all one type of bow without multiple attachments and are made out of wood. The riser at the front has a metal attachment to make an exceedingly stable handheld bow. There is no resting attached to it and is suitable for both left and right-handed users.  

A very matte finish to the product gives a very sleek look, and since it is made of wood, there will be no splinters while using the bow. The wood of the bow is of high quality. This packs enough energy to ensure a good meeting of the target, and the string stretches back to 28” max. The forward throw of the arrow is much sleeker and reaches a perfect distance. image to see more on Amazon


The physical weight of the arrow weighs a total of 2lbs and can have a draw weight ranging from 30-50lbs. 

The Amo length in total is 60,” which is the total length of the bow and is around 5 feet. 

The stringer length is 57”. The wood is stained black, and the riser at the front has a gold tint, which is originally laminated wood—a classy look for a chic bow. The brace height is 7.08-7.87”. The pull back on the bow is a maximum of 28”. The string is a 14 strand Dracon string, which is an excellent and robust tread that allows the user to have a much resilient throw. All this combined, the bow has a traditional look to it with a much simpler design to follow. 


Reasons to buy:

  • This is technically a very inexpensive horse bow that can be used by amateurs and people who want to learn more about this sport. 
  • The whole bow does not have multiple attachments made to it and is much easier to use for new users. 
  • This now is also good for people who like traditional hunting styles and want to use their bows in the jungle, and this longbow is excellent for such people. 


Reasons to avoid:

  • There is no arrow rest. 


Final thoughts: 

This bow is a very good and traditional Longbow and can be used for jungle hunts. This is practically a perfect bow for the price which is presented at. Easy to handle and has been made using perfect wood, which stabilizes the throw in the arrow. 


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