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SinoArt 58” Best takedown recurve bow for hunting Reveive - Recurve bows for 2020

SinoArt 58” Best takedown recurve bow for hunting Reveive - Recurve bows for 2020

If you’ve been finding yourself being interested in takedown recurve bow for hunting. and you think you can take it up as an excellent hobby. then the first natural step is to find a bow. 


It would be best if you bought a crossbow that perfectly suits you and your style, offers useful features and isn’t too complicated and overpriced. And the SinoArt 58” Takedown Recurve bow, can be the best choice for you in this regard. 


In this review, we’ll be covering the key characteristics, pros and cons and all the features in detail, of the SinoArt Takedown Recurve bow, so you have an exact idea of what you’re buying and how it’s going to benefit you. So read on. image to see more on Amazon


  • Comfortable Design
  • Durable Quality 
  • Made from Bamboo
  • 1-year long warranty 

The SinoArt 58” Takedown Recurve bow offers an excellent bowing experience for pros and beginners alike. It allows you to choose from two different hand orientations, either right or left, depending upon what you prefer. 

It has a highly durable body crafted out of all-natural bamboo with black fibreglass and a German lamination technology to toughen up the bow further and make it last you a very long time. 

The edges of the bow are perfectly rounded along with a wooden finish that gives you a very comfortable grip. It’s ergonomically designed, which means that you won’t have any trouble holding, aiming and shooting from it. Furthermore, the overall body weight of the bow is very light, which provides further assistance and ease in carrying it around and using it. 

As a beginner, you start with a lighter limb weight so you can practice better, but as you get better, you manage to increase your limb weight. The SinoArt Takedown Recurve bow takes that into account and comes with a takedown feature that allows you to adjust your limb weight according to your preference. 

The entire package of the crossbow comes with the following items: 1x Wood Riser, 2x Limbs, 1x 16 Strands String, 1x Stringer, 1x Fur Rest Pad, 2x String Nocks, 1x pair of String Silencer, which is plenty of items that you’re getting at such a reasonable price. 

It comes with a one-year-long warranty that covers all types of defects and malfunctions in the product. So for one year, you can try out your hand on this crossbow and learn how to work it, as the company will pay all the repairs and damages. 


  • Durable, bamboo-made, German lamination technology body
  • Comes with an effective takedown feature
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design for easy gripping and usage
  • One year’s manufacturer warranty 


  • The string is a bit short


The SinoArt 58” Takedown Recurve bow offers a great value for money and provides an experience that suits beginners and experts alike. 

Moreover, it comes packed with features like the Takedown feature, along with a long-lasting German lamination technology that makes it an all rounding, great crossbow to satisfy your hobby.

If you're an hunting enthusiast then this takedown recurve bow can do wonders for you. 



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