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Geelife The Upper Body Climbing Harness All Matched Top Chest Strap

Geelife The Upper Body Climbing Harness All Matched Top Chest Strap

Do you like cutting and trimming tall trees and rock climbing but still do have a little fear you may fall and hurt yourself. You do need a quick tree climbing harness to ensure your safety. These harnesses only provide you with extra precaution while performing such tasks. These not only are limited to tree climbing or rock climbing but also can help in any activity which can have the risk of falling or just tall heights. The rock climbing harness might be one of the best. image to see more on Amazon

Why should I buy this? 

You’re probably looking for something which is most likely the same. You want something to ensure your safety while you’re working on tall heights and something that will allow you to work freely while on such duties or adventurous liking. 

This tree climbing harness is relatively much lighter. Weighing at 700grams this, allows you to move freely and with any precaution of falling. 

The harness cushions in the right places and provides the user with a proper fit on their body. The adjustable straps are simple to use and maneuver while working. There aren’t any excessive upper body bounds; this eliminates the fear of being strangled. Though the lower body portion is not included in this product, but by the price for this alone, it is undoubtedly worth it. image to see more on Amazon


This can be used by both genders and allows them to be extremely comfortable with the harness. Since there are adjustable straps, this harness is very suitable for tall people and can hold weight up to 330lbs or 150kgs. The red and black color of the harness though may not be the most attractive thing, but it is undoubtedly an extremely safe device to use. 

The rock climbing harness is sewn in sleek ways, and due to this, they are straightforward to clean and maintain. 

The product is made out of polyester filament yarn which is sure to last a very long time. 


Reasons to buy: 


Reasonable price and has a good quality life. 


  • This is suitable for tall people and much heavier people as well, and since the straps are adjustable, these can also be used by shorter people. 
  • The adjustable straps are straightforward to use and allow the user to be very personalized with the harness. 
  • There are no excessive D-rings in the tackle, this eliminates any discomfort.


Reasons not to buy: 


  • This harness might be a little baggy for petite women or shorter men. Though it will get the job done. 
  • The lower body harness is not available in the pack and would need to be purchased separately. 


Final thoughts


You have made up your mind about the product. This, for sure, is a right product entirely and does for sure, get the job done for the sake of the price. 

The entire product is made out of polyester and is undoubtedly an extremely safe sewn product. Rounding up an excellent rating on Amazon this is an excellent product for sure.  

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