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Skateboard Complete Longboards Beginners - Reviews 2020

Skateboard Complete Longboards Beginners - Reviews 2020

Ensuring your kids always have the best will forever be a priority by parents. And as always we’ve come forth with a product that is one of the best skateboards

With all of the wooden skateboard, this skateboard is practically perfect for beginners and teenagers, with an affordable price range and something which will provide you with quality. Sometimes finding good Beginners skateboards can be a hassle with every detail clouding up your decision can make it more annoying. image to see more on Amazon

Why should you buy this skateboard? 

The Geelife skateboard is a sturdy skateboard which comes with the entire set put together. 

The skateboard itself is made up of waterproof emery which is extremely easy to clean. Dust and dirt can be easily wiped off with a wet or damp cloth. The skateboard provided a perfectly curved PU shape which allows the user to perform general beginner tricks. The wheels are made to ensure a good grip on the floor or any surface. This skateboards can be used on smooth or rough patchy surfaces and will provide safety.

The wheels are PU skidproof wheels that determine the excellent grip factor. The baseplate and hanger of this skateboard are remarkable and made out of aluminium alloy and maple wood. They are making this skateboard last a very long time. I’m sure it’s pretty easy to decide by now. image to see more on Amazon



The board has a seven-layered deck which allows the user to use it without any hesitation of breaking. Due to such layers, the board can handle a weight of 200kgs and will prove to be a good board for anyone.


This board can be used for any gender and any person, either it is an adult or a teenager. These wooden skateboards are perfect for beginners and people who want to start out with this sport.The board measure up to a good 31”x 8” making a practically big board. image to see more on Amazon

Reasons to buy: 


  • Extremely easy to maintain and clean due to the waterproof emery
  • Affordable, since it’s a kids skateboard. 
  • It comes preprepared in the packaging and is easy to fix and adjust.
  • The maintenance is easy and oiling the wheels of the board will allow it to run smoothly.


Reasons to avoid: 

  • This may not be the most suitable for professionals
  • Though it can easily do minor tricks, it’s not very suitable for professional methods.


Final Thoughts  


This skateboard is easily the most efficient for children and allows every child to live their dream of trying out a sport without spending an excessive amount of money. The skateboard is sturdy and allows the user to have a good grip on any surfaces and does assure a pleasant ride throughout.

The skateboard itself does serve its purpose for the price paid. It not only gets the job done but provides the buyer with the best they can get from the skateboard.

Minor tricks and trips from this skateboard are easy to perform, which can induce a love for the sport even more. All of these summed up the board is perfect and worth the price.



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