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The Lightest Rock Climbing Ascender Fall Arrest Protection Belay Device Reviews

The Lightest Rock Climbing Ascender Fall Arrest Protection Belay Device Reviews

Being an adventurous person and loving the outdoors will always be a hassle if finding products for saving your soul is difficult. I mean at the end of the day; our lives depend on such a product for providing trust and ensuring that we come back alive from our adventure trips. 

And so if you’re a lover of rock climbing and want a right rock climbing ascender, this might just be it for you. image to see more on Amazon

Why should you buy this product? 

You are providing stability and proper safety for anyone who’s up for a challenge. Ensuring grip and adequate professional strength and durability this is undoubtedly worth your money. The climbing belay device is a blue sleek design metal piece that grips your rope when you tilt and stops you from ascending instantly. 

The device also self-locks and makes sure that it provides proper safety for its users. The small electric blue-colored climbing belay device is made out of hot forging magnesium alloy, which is super resilient and very firm. Considering the alloy formation, it is sure to last you a long time. The whole device only weighs a mere 90grams and can lock ropes which have a dimension of 8-13mm. 

Rock climbing in itself is a dangerous task, and this will probably reassure your safety during the activity. 



This product can handle a weight up to 100kgs, which does count up to more than 200lbs. But be careful and take a few weight precautions before directly putting it into use. 

The device measures 7.8 x 7.5 cm, which is practically very small for rock climbing but is undoubtedly a very sturdy product. Made up of aluminum alloy this product will last you a very long time. The complete round-up of the device counts up to 78mm, 75mm, and 15mm. 


Reasons to buy: 

  • Long-lasting and is worth the price. Probably won’t give up on its job quickly. 
  • Extremely affordable and is quickly delivered to your doorstep because of the natural advantage of Amazon. 
  • This can be used for a range of activities not only limited to rock climbing. This is also excellent support for aerial work. 

Reasons not to buy: 

  • Not the best option for a person who is not very knowledgeable about using such devices. It does need proper training or proper supervision by a professional. 
  • Has a few negative reviews about how it does not perform very well. I would recommend to trial test this product with smaller heights and then ascend to greater ones. Do not risk your life right off the bat. 

Final thoughts 

This claiming belay device is a practical device that allows the user to move freely while performing tasks with higher heights. With proper grip and performance, this has proved itself. The lightweight device with an instant gripping result may provide something that the customer can surely depend on their life on though the product is something that would need professional guidance to ensure that it is put on safety and is locked in properly. I would personally say this is worth the price and would last long. 



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