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Crag Express Rock Climbing Gear Quickdraws Set Reviews - Geelife

Crag Express Rock Climbing Gear Quickdraws Set Reviews - Geelife

Ever wondered what does a human craves from life? The answer is changing. Why is that? Because they need a thrill. Change is inevitable in life whatsoever. But if your life seems to be stuck somewhere, you bring change in your life yourself. With this change comes thrill. All the changes that you carry are filled with adventure. It doesn’t matter what that change is; even a simple one supplies you with excitement. Change after the difference is what life is. Sometimes humans take it to extreme means for the sake of adrenaline rush. image to see more on Amazon

One of the things to bring extreme kind of excitement is rock climbing. Only a few people risk trying it. But those who are adventurous know no boundaries. This activity is stimulating. Those who are tired with minimal changes usually go for activities like rock climbing. Also, it is not something everyone can do. It would help if you had extreme practice and have to be exceptionally fit. And just like any activity, it has its tools. The most common one is rock climbing daisy chains. Rock climbing with daisy chains is also known as daisy chain climbing. To make your experience of rock climbing safe and amazing Geelife has introduced climbing daisy chains image to see more on Amazon

Why should you get Geelfe Climbing Daisy Chains?

If you are a practising rock climber, then you must be familiar with rock climbing daisy chains. Those who are not, it is sure a daisy chain but made with the specific specification for rock climbing. Geelife always upfront with their sports equipment can make your daisy chain climbing experience better. How? Well for starters it is affordable. It comes as a pack of six so you do not have to buy many separately. These starters can be used in a extensive range such as from sports route to alpine climbs. The rock climbing daisy chains are very durable. Their lightweight can make your daisy chain climbing worthwhile.

It should be noted that during rock climbing, you should not solely depend on climbing daisy chains. One's skills and practices both matter a lot. Geelife daisy chains are supposed to help you in rock climbing but not save you. They help you by supporting your body weight. The Geelife climbing daisy chains also have a perfect design, and the measurements are very reliable. 


The climbing daisy chains come in a pack of 6 so a great deal in such price. The strings are very lightweight as compared to the work they do. Its only 4 oz (113 gm) each. The durability is fantastic. The draws are 16mm made up of polyester with a dog bone shape. The vertical breaking load is 24kN, the horizontal breaking load is 7kN, same as open breaking load, and sling vertical breaking load is 22kN. The rock climbing daisy chain is also CE 1019 and EN 566 approved. 

Reasons to choose

  • Lightweight
  • Comes in a pack of six
  • Durable

Reasons to avoid

  • Can snap break if the load is increased

Final Thoughts

For a tool of such dangerous activity, it comes at a very much affordable price. If you are looking for a durable, fashionable, lightweight and comfortable opening daisy chain, then this is a perfect choice.



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