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22” Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard for Beginners Reviews

22” Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard for Beginners Reviews

 When kids reach their teenage years, they go wild. They want to try everything or anything. Be it good or bad for them. They will go on about any adventure giving them the thrill. They start buying useless things, experimenting and even destroying those things. Sometimes they make a hobby out of their experiment, and sometimes it just remains an experiment and nothing else. Of all their interests during teenage, most of them want skateboard at one point. You can find most of the teenagers having skateboards on roads or deep in their cupboards (because they are bored with it). image to see more on Amazon

To make teenagers experience as much memory as possible, Geelife came up with this mini cruiser skateboard. It is made with all the requirements of teenage kids. The design is attractive; the 22-inch cruiser skateboard is safe and also fills your kid’s life with all the excitement they want. As teenagers are usually beginners, they want something comfortable to handle and very eye-catching. In these terms, it can be termed as the best skateboard for beginners image to see more on Amazon

Why should you buy this for your teenage kid or a beginner?    

It is not termed as the best skateboard for the beginner for no reason at all. You will know why you should buy this mini cruiser skateboard once you get to know its amazing features. It’s a 22-inch cruiser skateboard which is a perfect size for a healthy growing teenager. The deck is simple black available with red and sky blue outlining also equipped with grip tape for better control. The wheels are rubber wheels made up of PU. They give a better, smooth and vibration-free ride. These wheels help increase the grip, and the glide becomes just amazing.

The Geelife mini cruiser skateboard is very much portable, robust, and durable. The deck is quite bendable, so can be adjusted according to your body without breaking. It is made for kids to adult kids, but its weight-bearing capacity is exceptional. The most attractive factor for teenage kids is the stylish LED lights that light up once you start riding the skateboard. It brings back the memories of your jogger you used to wear as a small kid. This 22-inch cruiser skateboard also comes with a whole packaged bag containing different accessories. Last but not least, this best skateboard for the beginner is quite affordable.


The wheels responsible for the smooth ride are 72mm wide. They are made up of soft frosted PU. The deck is made up of non-slip polypropylene. It is 22 inches long and 6 inches wide. The maximum weight it can hold up to is 330 pounds. The LED lights in wheels are high as they don’t need charging or battery. The lights generate their power from the motion of wheels. The package bag contains extra grip tape, bearings and other tools.



  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Durable

Reasons to avoid

  • It can hold 330 pounds weight, but the deck is not full enough for an adult


Final Thoughts 

The Geelife mini cruiser skateboard is an excellent choice for beginners up to 25 years of age and great for teenage kids. It is very much affordable as well so one should not hesitate to make this 22-inch cruiser skateboard their first skateboard. 




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