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Archery Wooden Arrows Feather Fletching with Field Points Reviews

Archery Wooden Arrows Feather Fletching with Field Points Reviews


Are you looking for convenience in your hobby? Looking for wooden arrows which suit a perfectly designed aerodynamic structure. Well, here you are, these arrows are just what you need. Allowing proper airflow and a slimming design will enable you to have a comfortable and very smooth experience with these arrows. Study, and with feathers attached to the back, these are very good for each traditional recurve bows as well as longbows. 


Why should you buy this product? 

 These are worth the money. With 12 in a pack of handmade arrows which allow the user to take precise shots at their target and can be used with two sorts of bows. The length on the arrows and fit into a 40-60 lbs. traditional recurve bow. These are also suitable for longbows which weight around 20-30lbs. The handmade arrows make them precise. Their precision is something that sets them apart from multiple other indicators. There are also peasant feathers that are attached to the arrows in 3 pieces which create a much resilient throw from the bow. This gets the job done better than a lot of other wooden archery arrows and has an excellent price attached to it. With a metal tip they can also be perfect for live hunting, but make sure you’re doing it sustainably. 




The total length of the arrows measures up to a total of 82cm, which are also 32”. The arrows are skinny with only a thickness of 0.314” also translated to 8mm. The end of the feather, which is the peasant feather are a total length of 4.5” or 11.5cm. The rest is a wooden structure that is handmade to ensures proper smooth finish with the most beautiful Indonesian white wood. This wood is used to create the arrows to have good girth and hold to the arrow when it is released to shoot. The point material is a total length of 5 inches and is made out of steel which also provides a good weight on the arrow. 


Reasons to buy:  

  • There is a total of 12 arrows when they are purchased and have an excellent price for it. 
  • The arrows are made out of Indonesian wood and are made out of quality products. This arrow is also handmade, which further improves the quality of the arrows. 
  • These arrows are suitable for both recurring bows and longbows, which provide an easy sharing between practicing partners. 


Reasons to avoid: 

  • The feathers on the back need to be adequately kept for they may be pressed due to excessive weight of packaging pressing on them. 
  • The packaging may be a little tight and does not safeguard the feathers adequately. 


Final thoughts: 

 Personally, the arrows are an excellent deal for the price that is mentioned. The long-lasting wood and use of steel, as well as the original and natural feather, allow the arrow to the outcome as an excellent product for leisure hobbies. Though these are not very suitable for beginners, these are very good for beginning such a hobby and practicing with professionals. 



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